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10 Clever Ideas To Attain Greenery With Faux Plants

Real plants are actually green pets. They need a lot of TLC and regular watering too! If they fail to thrive or die, it grieves us and does not solve our purpose. So, if you want to enjoy greenery without all the hardship, bring in a few faux plants. Even though they are unreal, the foliage and greenery can do the same magic in boosting up your decor game.

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10 Clever Ideas To Attain Greenery With Faux Plants

  1. Spread Real Dirt In The Pot
  2. Switch Over To A Bigger Planter
  3. Raise the Level of Display
  4. Flood Them With Sunlight
  5. Keep Them Dust-Free
  6. Buy Plants With A Natural Look
  7. Add Asymmetry
  8. Try Dry Plants
  9. Touch Up With Paint
  10. Mix Real and Fake Plants

Above are a few ideas to make your plant setup look natural and keep your guests guessing.

Let's quickly go through this short write-up for perfecting that authentic look in your artificial plants.

1. How To Decorate Your Home With Artificial Plants?

Decorating your home with artificial plants is no rocket science. But making it look like they are natural is the real deal. 

Try the following tips and tricks to achieve a more realistic look in your indoor garden.  

1. Spread Real Dirt In The Pot:

Topping off your artificial plant's pot with some real dirt will help you mimic the look of natural plants planted in the soil. Adding sand, coffee grounds, stones, gravel, or faux moss also can help you achieve a naturalistic touch to your plant's pot.

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2. Switch Over To A Bigger Planter:

Nothing will expose your faux plants like those small pots in which they are sold. Fake plants don't have roots, so they don't need a big pot; hence, they are in small pots.


The best way to stage the look of a lifelike plant is to stash the small plantar inside a big pot or basket, fill the space with foam or packing material, and cover the top with soil or moss.


3. Raise The Level of Display:

This is yet another trick that works wonderfully in faux plant displays. Elevate your artificial plant exhibit level by hanging them or placing them above your eye level.

By doing this, your spectators will only get to adore the beauty and elegance from a distance and thus will never find out the plant imposter.

4. Flood Them With Sunlight:

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Natural indoor plants need all the sunshine that they can afford. Positioning your fake plants in a well-lit place is an easy way to dupe your guests into thinking they are natural and they won't be interested in any further scrutiny.

5. Keep Them Dust-Free:

Both natural and faux indoor plants tend to accumulate dust on them. Spray water to clean the leaves and wipe them clean.

A dusty faux plant is exposed quickly, as we all know that real plants are watered and taken care of regularly and thus won't gather so much dust. So, regular dusting and keeping your artificial plant setup shining and sparkling is a must.

Use either plain water or an artificial UV-resistant plant spray to keep your artificial plants looking their best. 

6. Buy Plants With A Natural Look:

While shopping for faux plants, opt for high-quality fake plants. Also, faux succulents imitate the look of their natural counterparts to a T, and it's difficult to tell one from the other. So, it is wise to opt for such plant choices. Snake plants, aloe vera, and pineapple plants are other popular imitation choices.

Crate and Barrel, Hobby Lobby, Way Fair, and Ikea are a few places where you can purchase some original looking faux plants.


7. Add Asymmetry:

The lack of symmetry in a plant's structure makes the natural plants look genuine. So, if your fake plant is symmetrical, pinch off a few leaves, curve the shape, twist or bend the branches, and create an asymmetrical looking plant.


8. Try Dry Plants:

Allow twigs and branches of natural plants along with their leaves, flowers, and fruits intact (like eucalyptus, lavender, etc.) to dry. The leaves of these plants hold up well even after drying, and you legally have a dry plant to flaunt that fills your room with an exotic aroma, color, and texture.


9. Touch Up With Paint:

Natural plants are prone to aging and death. The leaves turn yellow and brown and droop down and die.

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Introduce a bit of yellow and brown color with a paintbrush to the bottom leaves to make it look as if your plant is aging in places and ready to shed its leaves. What could be a better disguise than this?


10. Mix Real And Fake Plants:

Introduce some easy-to-grow plants into your living space. Carefully mix in with some inexpensive plant imitations, so it will be difficult for anyone to tell the difference between the two.

A mix of real and faux plants will introduce a whole lot of textures, patterns, shapes, and colors into your living space. Adding a lot of variety to your plant collection can make your green space look more vibrant and bring depth to your room. 

2. What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Plants?

Open up the information journal of fake plants to find out more about the advantages of artificial plants:

  1. Artificial plants are easy to maintain.
  2. No watering is required.
  3. They are suitable for dark corners and spaces with little to no light.
  4. Transportation is effortless as they are lightweight and easy to handle.
  5. They make the room look bright and colorful.
  6. They are non-toxic, so pet-friendly (and yes, they don't kill cats!).
  7. They are non-allergenic, hence suitable for people with sensitivity to allergens.
  8. They can last for years to come, so they are super budget-friendly.


3. How To Clean Your Artificial Plants?

Clean your faux plants by spraying plain water or wiping them clean with a cloth. Then, spray them with artificial UV-resistant plant spray. This will ensure that your faux plant stays new and fresh for years to come.

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