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10 Clever Ideas To Cover Your Fifth Wall Alias Ceiling

When it comes to designing your room, don’t forget the fifth wall. Of late, ceiling design and décor are so closely considered that architects are beginning to refer to them as the fifth wall. Paying attention to the great stretch above aligns you with new trending designs and opens up limitless possibilities.

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The ceiling is no longer a plain, dull space that can be overlooked. It is a chance to enhance the vast space above with color and décor. High or low, the ceiling needs rejuvenation to create an ambiance. There are  many combinations when it comes to experimenting with ceiling designs, from wood panels to color, to wallpaper and lighting elements.  We have catered to various styles, patterns, and colors, which you can utilize to design a dashing fifth wall. To keep it simple, here are ten ceiling design ideas that are on the curve. 


1. Patterns and Textures  

Patterns on the ceiling attract and draw attention to your fifth wall. Tin ceilings are a timeless example in fashion for over a century. Regardless of what tin ceiling ideas or designs you go for, beautiful basrelief models add charm and depth to the room.

Another popular ceiling design is wood paneling or plank design models. The warmth and passion in the timber complements the room. The geometric pattern that forms adds to the aesthetics. 

Another easy way to cover the fifth wall is with wallpaper. A variety of patterns, designs, and colors can make the fifth wall more appealing. A spectacular pattern on the ceiling can do more magic than just paint. Choosing a darker wallpaper pattern can weigh down the ceiling if you have high ceilings and want a cocooning space. On the contrary, a lighter shade of wallpaper can make a small room appear larger. 

2. Architectural Ceiling Features

A ceiling with creative architecture makes the fifth wall extraordinary. Recessed ceilings, coffered ceilings, and crown molding are the trendiest and the most applied features. To infuse a little innovation into architectural factors, use triangles for coffered ceilings instead of squares, paint the tops of tray ceilings in any color, or cover them with something different.  

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You can do a lot of things on the fifth wall with custom drywall. Go for a circular or star-shaped tray ceiling, use curvatures or mimic flying buttresses, a unique feature of architectural design, and create something distinctive for your own.

3. Smooth, Shiny and Reflective

If you’re not sure about a complex ceiling design idea, a simple stretch ceiling is a perfect start. Stretch ceiling uses just one broad, smooth piece of material, such as PVC plastics or textiles, to cover the whole ceiling smoothly.  It can be done in any color and finish. 

But the new trend is on high glossy and reflective ceilings. The gleam catches the attraction to the ceiling and brightens the lighting with its reflective quality. 

If you want the gleam to be bolder, try the mirror finish ceiling. You will be amazed by the effect it generates without being overly shiny. 

4. Lighting

Suppose you don’t want to trouble the ceiling much with patterns and wallpaper. In that case, you can still make a dazzling ceiling by hanging chandeliers and serial lights on any type of ceiling. It is worth looking up if there is enough light. 

You can have creative lighting arrangements on the fifth wall with an architectural tray ceiling. To the perimeter of the tray ceiling, a strip of LED lights glows around the borders. Placing pendants and recessed lights on each coffer draws attention to the ceiling. 

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Pendant lights, medallions, and chandeliers are a great way to enhance the room's height. Hand-blown glass pearl chandeliers throw a soft light around the room, adding design to the ceiling. 

5. Color

You can make an impact on the ceiling just by adding color. Painting the ceiling a different color than the four walls is classy. A pale color makes the ceiling different without drawing too much attention to it. On the other hand, bright colors demand attention and set the room's tone. 

Colors can be added to any of the ceiling design features. Match up colors with coffer and tray ceiling for a distinct effect. Have a go with colored tin ceilings or colored wallpaper patterns. Play with colors and design features to get the desired result. Add colors to brighten the architectural design of the ceiling. 

6. Acoustic Ceiling

Install tin tiles meant for acoustics to cancel out excess noise from the outside. They are available in all colors to suit any room. Tin acoustic tiles are great for basements, as they can stop extra sound from coming in. It gives the room an instant facelift.

7. Ceiling with Molding

Make the ceiling grander with a touch of regency by implementing molding designs. Moldings have a visually fantastic effect, especially on rooms with high ceilings. They soften the wall-to-ceiling transition, giving the room a pleasing look. 

You can decorate your drop ceiling with moldings along the perimeter. Crown molding, chair railing, and trim designs can produce a more elegant and sophisticated look. 

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Get your basements decorated with crown moldings to give them a unique appearance. The note here is to select the right moldings that match the room's existing color and style. You can work out different patterns with crown moldings to keep those eyes rolling through the room. 

8. Fresco Ceiling

Give the ceiling a different dimension with frescos. Suppose you are an artist with great taste in frescos. In that case, creating a mural ceiling is an excellent way to add personality to your room. 

Using 3D night sky wallpaper, mural tiles ceilings and painting clouds on the ceilings make it appear realistic.  They instantly transform your room to make it remarkable. 

9. Sky-view Ceilings

Sky-view ceilings are an easy way to bring light into the room. It is just like a window on the ceiling. The intact transparent glass ceiling gives a beautiful night and day sky view. Sky-view ceilings are great for the top-floor master bedrooms and attics.

Create patterns for the sky view ceilings like floor-to-ceiling windows and square, rectangular, or octagon-shaped steel glass ceilings. 

10. Fabric Ceiling

Consider fabric designs and patterns if you are looking for a unique way of covering the ceiling. Fabrics are an easy way to décor the ceiling with designs and patterns with any kind of designer materials you can imagine. Stripes, circles, stars, etc., You can think of any shape with patchwork models. 

Experiment with fabrics and create the designs you want for your space. A quick tip: If you want to keep it minimal, choose a lightweight cloth that is easy to decorate and clean. Pick a heavy fabric like velvet and suede for a more dramatic appearance. But remember, you may need additional material to hold the heavy fabric in place. 

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