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10 Stunning Decor Ideas To Fill Up Your Empty Corners

Decorating the whole house is a breeze when compared to the corners. Creating a charming corner and finding the functional purpose for every nook in your home can be challenging!

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10 Stunning Decor Ideas To Fill Up Your Empty Corners

  1. Place A Single Seat In The Corner Space
  2. Furnish The Corner
  3. Make A Musical Corner
  4. Hang A Mirror
  5. Create A Plant Corner 
  6. Light Up The Corners
  7. Corner Storage Solution
  8. Corner Office Space
  9. Fireplace Corner 
  10. Art Corner

Corners can look empty or disjointed, and it is important to tie them together with the rest of the room. We want to help you find a few interesting ways to fill up your corners for a seamless feel, so they feel connected to the rest of the room.  

Let's look at a few stunning decor options to fill your empty corner space and make your room look stylish and well put together.


1. What Are Few Popular Decor Ideas To Fill An Empty Corner?

1. Place A Single Seat In The Corner Space:

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Corners work wonderfully for single seating arrangements. A single chair, a couch, a recliner, a hammock, a hanging chair, or even a beanbag fits snugly into it.

Corners are great for some solitude, relaxation, and time alone. So, if you want to spend time alone unwinding, set up your spot by placing a single seat in the corner.


2. Furnish The Corner:

The best way to use most of any corner is to furnish it - especially if you are tight on space. 

Push that corner sofa into the corner - designed specifically for corners - and gain space in your living room to move around. Use the same trick for the dining room and bedroom to maximize the free floor space and make the room look vast.


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3. Make A Musical Corner:

Utilize corner space to set up a guitar or a piano. When placed elsewhere, musical instruments look the odd man out.

When placed in a corner, your favorite instrument looks as though it has finally found its home.  

Adding a musical instrument to the corner makes it a visually appealing element and a stunning piece of art.

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4. Hang A Mirror:

Mirrors offer a charming appeal to any room.

Hanging them is a clever way of creating expansiveness and openness in your room. Also, the mirror reflects the light in the room and makes it look brighter. So, hang the mirror opposite the window.


So, hang the mirrors in the empty corners of your room for a bit of magic and enchantment.

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5. Create A Plant Corner: 

Bring live or artificial plants into your room's corners for aesthetic appeal and to add some texture and color.

Adding greenery, vases, or faux plants to your nook redefines your space.

Tall and large plants are great options to cover vacant space more naturally and meaningfully.  

Choose a large plant or a bunch of plants to deck up all the room in your corner.

Plants are best suited for a corner near a window as they will benefit from all the sunlight streaming inside.    

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6. Light Up The Corners:

Decorate your room with a trendy pendant light suspended from the ceiling or a floor lamp seated on the ground.


Illuminate the corner with a dash of light to brighten your reading nook, or accentuate the corner with a warm glow for a stylish look to your space.   

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7. Corner Storage Solution:

Take advantage of the empty corners of your room and transform them into storage space.

Corners are excellent for housing cupboards, shelves, and other storage options. The corner's design and build offer compact space to accommodate most shelving units. 

Consider adding a bookcase or a wine rack/cabinet to your living room and a corner kitchen pantry to your kitchen space. This storage solution will beautify your corner space by adding texture and functionality at the same time. 

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8. Corner Office Space:

A home office doesn't require much space - just a little corner will suffice.

Decorate your corner office with a few ferns and creepers to make it look more vibrant and lively, and set up a light element for illumination. Set up a few office accessories like a pen stand, a power socket, and other essentials to complete the office setup. 

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The office corner will help you concentrate better at work and keep you from distractions. 

9. Fireplace Corner:

Incorporate this chic fireplace into your living room corner to enjoy coziness and warmth during winter.

The fireplace in a corner occupies the otherwise unused corner space and thus is a super space saver.

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10. Art Corner:

To deck up the corner space, display your art collection in your room's corner - sculptures, paintings, dry flower arrangements, urns, or even a photo gallery you created would be good to put up at this spot.

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2. How Do You Fill An Empty Corner In The Bedroom?

  1. Consider adding a small desk to your bedroom corner.
  2. A nightstand beside your bed is a great spot to place all those bedtime essentials like a phone, book, glasses, water bottle, etc.
  3. A cloth rack is a necessary addition to any bedroom. Utilize a stylish rack to hang your clothes without overcrowding and create a style statement in your bedroom. 
  4. Choose a trendy dressing mirror for the corner of your bedroom. The mirror will be a stylish and practical addition to your bedroom.

3. What Are The Awkward Corners Of A Room? How To Best Utilize Them?

  1. Under The Staircase - Transform it into a small workspace or use it for storage.

  1. Bay Window Area - Throw a few toss cushions and a sofa seater to make a comfy snooze spot.

Alternatively, create a mini indoor garden and enjoy growing life in the bay window space while they make the most of the sunlight from the windows.

  1. Behind The Doors: Install a sleek coat hanger or a hanging organizer to utilize the space.

  1. Closet Corner: Utilize the spare space in the closet to optimize storage by installing shelves and shoe racks.

Sloped ceiling corners, diagonal corners, and empty foyer space are the other awkward corners in your home.

Out-of-the-box thinking and choosing clever storage solutions that perfectly fit the dimension of the space are essential to turn these empty spaces into well-planned utility spaces.


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