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5 Decorative Ways To Spice Up Your Space With Throw Pillows

You can do a lot to spruce up your room, as throw pillows have your back (literally!). When artistically and tastefully put together, they can effortlessly light up your space and make your room vibrant and colorful.

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Here are five different ways to add color to your living room using your throw pillows: 

  1. Choose vibrant colors for a dull background
  2. Layering from big to small
  3. Complement or contrast
  4. Change the pillow covers according to the season and the mood
  5. Play around with shapes and sizes

Cushion pillows are both decorative and functional. You can use the cushion pillows you already have OR make a few DIY ones if you have the time and interest. OR go ahead and buy them.

There are endless options for the couch pillows' sizes, textures, shapes, and prints. You'll never regret investing in these. Created for comfort and adornment, they will help you make an art statement in your living room or bedroom.

Now, let's get started!

1. Choose Vibrant Colors For A Dull Background:

Too worried about the drab backdrop? Throw pillows are here for the rescue. It is a wonderful way to pep your room when you can't change the background.

If your room color is dull, add a splash of life by popping in a few toss pillows. Pick pastel or bright colors that complement the background, like pink, yellow, beige, green, blue, etc. Try different shades to see which ones match up the best.

For warmer tones, choose yellow, orange, or red; pick purple, blue, or green for a relaxed appeal. 

2. Layering From Big To Small: 

If you are new to cushion decoration, follow this simple layering and stacking method to create beautiful art with cushions in your living room. It can work wonders.

Place a large pillow with a solid color (or a color that contrasts the color of your sofa), then choose a medium-sized pillow with a floral or printed block cushion at an angle to the first toss pillow. Finish the arrangement with printed checks or vertical or horizontal stripes for the smallest cushion. Or reverse the whole thing from geometrics (large) to solid color (small).

Make sure all three of them have an interesting tie-up with each other, exuding a sense of togetherness and meaning.

3. Complement Or Contrast (Patterns And Textures)

The art of mixing and matching can make magic.

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Try mixing up different designs like floral prints, stripes, chevron lines, chequered, paisley, patchwork, leaf prints, picture prints, polka dots, and geometrics for an eclectic feel. Then, customize them for your home decor, i.e., the furniture, room color, artwork, and even your rug.

Don't hesitate to experiment with different textures in your cushions, like embroidery, macrame, lace, velvet, leather, faux fur, etc. Either merge them based on a common theme like color or try a mashup by combining different things to fashion a unique art piece.

Group them with a similar element, making each cushion a part of an art piece or a puzzle.

4. Change The Pillow Covers According To The Season And Mood

If you are an outdoor person (or one who likes a change every now and then!), dressing up your toss pillows according to the season is a splendid way to bring in the season (or festive mood).

For winters, your throw pillows can sport snowflakes cushion covers; likewise, for fall, deck your cushions with autumn leaf-themed covers.

You can do the same for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other National holiday and bring the joy and excitement of the celebration into your home by just changing your cushion covers.  

5. Play Around With Shapes And Sizes:

When selecting throw pillows for your home, there are plenty of options.

To display them charmingly, choose round, square, lumbar, pumpkin, or novelty shapes (like a star, moon, emojis, etc.,) according to your preference and the background. These shapes stand out from the usual square pillows that most people usually go for. 

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When displaying different shapes, don't overcrowd them. The beauty lies in showing off each shape separately. Layering and stacking don't work here.

What Are Few Suggestions To Decorate Your Couch With Throw Pillows?

  1. Stacking up many pillows may look picture perfect, but in reality, they pinch you out of your sofa space and is not functional. So, reduce the number of pillows to just 3 or 4, depending on the size of your sofa.
  1. When using different sizes of throw pillows, start layering and stacking your pillows with big pillows on the sides and go down to the smallest one in the middle to make your couch the statement piece of the room.
  1. When planning to decorate with 3 cushions, use a single color. Select 3 different types of fabrics - laced, linen, leather, cotton, velvet, embroidery, or macrame (for a textured look).

Let the dominant pillow or the smallest pillow be of solid color. The other two colors can have varied prints and designs but should be combined by a single color.  

Different designs having a common color theme are always a big hit. Like checks or stripes along with a printed design, all brought together in unison with a single bold color that connects all the cushions together.

  1. Double colors also work well, especially colors adjacent to each other in the color palette.
  1. Remember the room color, furniture, upholstery, and cushion are part of the team that works together to bring a great look to your room.

A word about the color scheme 

- You can choose two adjacent colors from the color palette for a monotonous background. This is a safe choice (especially when unsure about the final outcome!); they will undoubtedly form a cool complementing combo. E.g., Choose either warm colors or cool colors, but they should be adjacent in the color circle. 

- Sometimes, dual colors from opposite sides of the color circle look great together. However, be careful to choose the hues of those colors that usually go easy with each other. E.g. Mixing up warm and cool colors. 

- You can even try a tricolored combo to form your color theme.


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Buying throw pillows is a one-time affair. When you are in the mood for a change, purchase different cushion covers for your pillows as and when you grow tired of the old ones and change them. You've got a brand new look on your sofa and your room.   

So, go ahead and start decorating your room with throw pillows.

And have fun! 

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