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How To Ace Your Home With Delightful Vases And Fresh Flowers

Incorporating a touch of nature into your home decor can be a rewarding experience. Flowers lighten your mood and instantly change your ambiance into a welcoming one. Though your floral display may not last forever, knowing that you get to enjoy a change in your floral collection occasionally is truly heartening.

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Here are A Few Tips To Help Ace The Home With Delightful Vases And Fresh Flowers: 

  1. Collect Vases For Display
  2. Tweak The Vases to Suit The Existing Decor
  3. Pick An Unassuming Spot For The Vase
  4. Utilize Seasonal Blooms
  5. Try Various Flower Blends
  6. Group And Display Vases   
  7. Freshness Is The Benchmark
  8. Display In Proportion

Let's take a quick peek into your vase selection, display, and other factors that will help you bring out the floral artist in you, so you can start making vase arrangements like a pro.

1. Collect Vases For Display:

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Variety is the game changer. So, when displaying your vase collection, don't hesitate to pick vases of different sizes, shapes, textures, and materials.

Choose vases, from delicate glassware to rustic vase pots, to create diversity in your arrangement.

2. Tweak The Vases to Suit The Existing Decor:

If your vases stand out and refuse to go along with your home decor theme, add laces, twines, jute, stones, paint, and other trimmings to help them match (in color, texture, or design) with their surroundings. 

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3. Pick An Unassuming Spot For The Vase:

Picking the right spot is as crucial as choosing the suitable container. Instead of selecting the usual places to place your vases, try setting your vases in unexpected, surprising locations.

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Under the mirror, the staircase landing, the bookshelf, the kitchen shelf, the bathroom countertop, the foyer side table, and the dresser in the bedroom are a few places to consider placing your beautifully decorated vases.


4. Utilize Seasonal Blooms

Store-bought flowers are super pricey, and continuously replenishing your vases by purchasing fresh flowers will not be practical. So, use fresh seasonal flowers from your backyard to adorn your vases. This way, you will never run out of flowers to decorate, and since your picks are from your garden, you will have plenty of different color combos and styles every time you want to embellish your favorite vase. 

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5. Try Various Flower Blends:

Experiment by creating flower bouquets with a colorful splash and textures for a fresh and lively appeal to your flower arrangement. The diversity in the choice adds depth and interest and makes it the statement piece of any room.

Choose flowers of a primary color followed by 2-3 flowers of the same color but different hues which complement the primary color. Then add flowers of varying textures and colors to add a pop of vibrance and excitement.

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6. Group And Display Vases:

When grouping your vases to make them an eye-catching focal point in your room, curate your vase collection so they contrast each other in texture, material, style, height, and color. Assemble them to make them a striking centerpiece in your room.

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7. Freshness Is The Benchmark

When displaying fresh flowers, keeping them pristine matters the most. Novelty should be the beginning and end of the epic journey of your flower display.

Take extra care to maintain the fresh look by snipping off sagging or dried flowers or leaves from the batch, changing water on alternate days, and trimming the stems at each water change.

Set up your flower vase in a cool area away from sunlight.

Add homemade flower food (a simple sugar plus vinegar combo will do) in the water to lengthen the life of your flowers and keep them blush and glowing. 


Keeping a watchful eye on your fresh flower vases and following these simple steps will ensure that your floral collection lasts longer than usual.

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8. Display In Proportion: 

Maintain an impeccable harmony of the flower array and the room space. A mismatch of this scale will look ugly and throw the beauty of your room decor off balance.

Depending on the room size and space around your flower display, your arrangement should never be inconspicuously small or overwhelmingly big.

Let the size of your vase display flow seamlessly with the size of the room.

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1. How To Choose A Suitable Vase For Your Living Space And Flowers?

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Creating beauty and harmony in your space requires a perfectly fitting vase and a befitting floral display. Here are a few tips to help you find the vase of your dreams.

1. Select The Right Material:

Explore your room decor and the choice of flowers before picking your vase. Pick the right vase from glass, terracotta, ceramic, metal, or porcelain, as each will affect the final presentation differently.

Ceramic vases offer an organic and artistic touch. At the same time, terracotta provides an earthy, timeless look. Glass vases exhibit a modern look. But metal bucket vases are cool around any space - paint them to suit the surrounding decor.

2. Pick The Proper Shape:

The vase's shape can affect how the flowers are displayed. So, choose the shape of the vase depending on which flower you plan to show.

In a long vase, showcase flowers with long stems, like lilies, gladiolus, roses, hydrangeas, etc. It is best to display a single bud, a flower, or a few flowers in short vases.


A small bowl vase can hold the flowers on a pin or a foam, so cut the stalks and arrange them to form a stylish bouquet.


3. Size Matters:

If you have a large vase, choose bold and beautiful flowers. If your vase is a small one, then go for delicate blossoms.

4. Perfect Fit:

The vase should complement the style of your interior - traditional, rustic, contemporary, or eclectic. It should be part of your room's decor, not stand against it.

5. Think About The Color:

Consider the color coordination of the vase and its flowers. Both complementing and contrasting schemes are fantastic if they merge with the room's decor scheme.


6. Establish In The Right Place:

Display tall vases in the corners or along the walls, while the best place to put bud vases or shallow ones is at an office table or a dining table where they won't obstruct the view and stay pretty.

7. Consider The Proportion:

The vase's height to the flower's height should be approximately in a 2:1 ratio. This ratio will help you strike the right balance in terms of their heights and make the final arrangement visually pleasing.


8. Experiment and Have Fun:

Feel free to experiment with different vase shapes, sizes, and colors to discover what works best for your space and suits your preference.

Play around with different arrangements until you find the perfect fit.

Continue experimenting until you are fully satisfied. And remember to have fun! 

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