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How To Add Candles To Your Home Decor? Aromatic & Soothing Ideas

Adding aromatic candles throws a magical touch to your space regardless of your other decor choices. Whether you prefer to display them as they are or light them up, they bring an untold charm into your home. Hand-pick your favorite aromatic candles and light them up. The soft shimmers will be soothing to your eyes, and the divine fragrance will help you relax and unwind after a stressful day.

These are a few effortless ways to add candles to your home decor:  

  • Candelabras
  • Floating Candles
  • Candle Plateaus
  • Fireplace Candle Arrangement
  • Candle Terrariums
  • Hanging Mason Jars
  • Clustered Candle Display
  • Candlelit Bath
  • Candles in Wine Bottles
  • Candle Chandeliers
  • Aromatic Candles in Jars
  • Wall Sconces
  • Candle Lanterns

Candles are synonymous with sophistication, love, beauty, and peace. So, take advantage of this one when decorating your home.

There are myriad options for decorating your room with these dainty lights. Select the best ones to deck up your place. Lean on your preference and your taste for the final decision.

So, without further ado, let's dive right into candle decor ideas in your home for a soul-satisfying experience.

1. How Do You Decorate Your House With Candles?

1. Bring In Spa Candles:

Weekends are great for destressing and a spa treatment! But if you have no plan to go to a spa and would like to chill out at home, turn your home into the perfect beauty spa.

Light up scented candles and sensualize the atmosphere by filling the room with aroma and a warm glow. Transform your dwelling into a luxury spa and unwind.      

2. Tealight Candles In Sand:


Spread pristine white sand on a tray and make sand ridges, drawing lines with your fingers. Put the tiny tealight candles on the white dunes for a charming appeal. Set this raw beauty in your living room or dining table as a focal point of attraction.

Try different colored sand. Or use beads, shells, pearls, or stones in your tray instead of sand.

3. Candle Decoration On Stairs:

To create a romantic mood, line your candles up on the stairs and light them up to adorn your stairway.

Whether decorating for a wedding celebration, a homecoming, a reunion, or a wedding anniversary, arranging the candles on the stairs is a brilliant way to showcase your pillar candle collection in beautiful tall glass holders. Sprinkle a few rose petals to add a soft texture variation and to complete the romantic effect.

4. Candles On Mantel:

Utilize an unused fireplace in your room to make it the center of attraction. Place a set of gorgeous frosted candles of varying heights on the mantle for a plateau effect and to evoke visual interest.

Spread branches and sprays over the mantle, line up elegant vases in the fireplace, and display shabby chic metal cloches. Place a bamboo basket bustling with fresh flowers for a lively and colorful twist.

Return to the vintage times with these subtle yet impacting shades of beiges without missing out on depth, contour, and variety. 

5. Candle Lanterns:

This vintage beauty remains in style at all times. It is love at first sight; bet you, no one can escape this enchanter's whimsical charm.

Once you have the lanterns in hand, place the candles inside and light them up to shine.

Hang them inside or outside, or place them on a shelf, table, or a spot you think suits them the best.

Add ornamental accompaniments to create a stunning backdrop for a gray candle lantern - like a netted fabric, a pink woven heart, and pink and white hydrangea flowers to complete your decor game.

6. DIY Mason Jar Candle Holder:

Assemble these hanging lights in no time. The essentials are few and basic - a few mason jars, tealight candles, and jute rope.   

  1. Tie the jute thread around the mason jar's neck.
  2. Make a hanger with the yarn to hang the DIY lantern and secure both ends tightly.
  3. Place the tealight candles inside.
  4. Light them up and suspend them wherever you want.

Voila! Your DIY hanging candle jar is ready!

7. Light Up A Getaway:

Want to relax in solitude? The bare necessities are a bathtub, some scented pillar candles, and rose petals to sprinkle.

Firstly, fix the bath, light up the candles, and finish the arrangement by strewing the rose petals — time to dunk in.

Soak in the hot tub and enjoy the quiet time.

And don't forget to switch your mobile off!   

8. Add Artistry With Candelabra:

Blue, bold, and beautiful!

Use a golden candelabra to hold the blue taper candles. Rest a lovely bouquet of hydrangeas and other floral elements on a glass vase for a rebellious pizzazz on your dining table.

This classic enthraller is appropriate for a summer mid-morning brunch table setting outdoors.

9. Living Room Candle Decor:

Nestle a plain black tray holding ivory pillar candles tied together with twine. Huddle it together on a side table with a broad azure vase filled with pink flora and lush foliage.

Place the tall black end table next to a vertical-lined beige sofa with a few decor-matching throw cushions.

Stack some books in the table compartment below to create an impressive depth.   

Your living room decor is ready to roll.

10. Windowsill Illuminance:

Lounging on a rainy day makes your stay at home comfortable.

Revitalize your spirit and turn your space cheerful. Turn on the fairy lights and light a few pillar and tealight candles on your windowsill for a cozy, warm appeal.

11. Floating Candles:

Add floating candles to a water tray and surround it with autumn foliage or brightly colored flowers for a pop of color, texture, and visual interest.

Inspire your space with this gliding display of lighted candles in a water bowl, bath, or pool for an ecstatic, private moment or to add extra oomph to your ambiance.

If you run short of floating candles, let's quickly assemble and make a few DIY ones.

To make DIY floating candles,

  1. Fill a bowl or a glass with water.
  2. Add food color, acrylic color, or watercolor.
  3. Toss in some sprinkles and spangles.
  4. Drop vegetable oil into this setup.
  5. Poke a hole in a small plastic sheet and position the wick.
  6. Position the wick and plastic sheet to float upright on the water.
  7. Your floating candle is now ready to use.
  8. Light it up and watch the flames go tango on the water. 

12. Chandelier Candles:

Though this quaint decor option may be considered a thing of the past, it has never actually gone out of fashion.

If you have a massive parlor, flaunt the ceiling with a bejeweled chandelier. As it will not be practical to have flammable candles, flameless candles like electric candles are a good option here.   

Chandeliers will undoubtedly resolve the emptiness of the vast ceiling and create a dramatic effect and a striking display.

13. Fondue Party With Tealight Candles:

Ignite the party mood with tealight candles. They are perfect to melt (and not burn) your cheesy sauce by giving off just enough warmth.

Remember to get tealight candles for your next fondue feast. They are the ideal warming supplies for any fondue party.

Keep the party going!

14. Candlelit Wall Sconces:

Stud your walls with beautiful candlelit wall sconces. These glamorous lights are a go-to option to flood light from any wall space - entryways, living room, kitchen, or anywhere.

The elevated placement of wall sconces aids in the utility of the idle wall space.

Since having real candles up there will be impractical, choose LED, battery-operated, or electric ones that fit your space and budget. 

2. What Are The Different Types Of Candle Holder Designs?

Picking the right candle holder is essential for making your candle exhibit look phenomenal.       

1. Plain Candle Holders:

If you are not particular about your candle holder being decorative, go for these simple classic yet traditional holders, which do their job - hold the candles. Choose the material's (metal, wood, or ceramic) color and texture to match your room decor.

 2. Tealight Holders:

Tealight holders are widely available in glass, metal, or decorative paper. Pick the right one for your home.

3. Votive Candle Holders:

Offering votive candles as prayer offerings is a pious practice followed for centuries.

Votive candles come in stained glass, metal frames, and ceramic.

4. Pillar Candle Holders:

A tray, a small glass tumbler, or a glass jar will be required to hold pillar candles. Adorn the tray with different embellishments like flowers, pebbles, shells, and greenery for a creative twist.

5. Hurricane Candle Holders:

Are you planning to host an outdoor party with candlelight? Remember to get hurricane candle holders to save you from all the trouble of the wind blowing your candles off and keep the flames burning.

These come in handy when you want candle lights in an outdoor space. These holders encase the candles and protect them from being blown out, making them suitable for outdoor decor.

6. Lanterns:

These pretty vintage holders are another great option for outdoor parties. But because they are so charming, you can also choose to have them indoors.

Dangle them or put them down on a table for a soft, muted radiance that casts funny shadows on your walls, just like in old times.

Candelabras, wall sconces, candle trays, candle bowls, candle rings, candle holders with shades, candlesticks with drip plates, and geometrically designed candle holders are a few other options.

3. Why Should We Add Scented Candles In Your Home?

Scented candles can improve your mood, relieve anxiety and stress, help you relax, and aid in better sleep.

Check out these points as to why we should add scented candles in your home space.

1. Aromatherapy:

Scented candles are a part of aromatherapy, positively impacting your mood and emotions.   

To reduce stress, choose vanilla, chamomile, or lavender candles. These will help you chill out on an evening after work and aid in calming you down.

Pick up citrus for a sprint of energy to resonate with your lively vibe and for a pleasant atmosphere.

2. Sleep Well:

Burn chamomile or lavender candles before bedtime for a soothing experience and improved sleep quality.

3. Sharp Mind And Attention:

Eucalyptus and peppermint candles are best suited for people aiming to study or work. Boost your productivity with improved focus and concentration by burning these candles.

4. Spread Fragrance:

With the aromatic candles at hand, you no longer have to opt for a room freshener. 

Sweet-smelling candles are the perfect solution to mask or drive away any unpleasant or strange smells caused by pets or other factors.

5. Home Decor and Personalized Picks:

Scented candles are available in various shapes, designs, colors, and scents. So, follow your heart and choose the ones you are naturally inclined to.

They are great options for home decor items, whether you choose to have them lit or unlit. They can add visual interest, texture, and variety to your space that is truly out of the box.

6. Switch Variety:

If you have a particular variety you are fond of, don't let this favoritism stop you from trying others. Try different scented candles depending on your mood, time of the day, climate, and season to impact your aura.

Floral scents are great for fresh spring vibes, while fruity aromas work well for summer.

Likewise, woody and earthy ones fare well for autumn use, and spicy and smoky scents are perfect for wintertime.         

7. Create A Welcoming Space:

When inviting guests to your place, aromatic and soothing candles add a touch of warmth and love by spreading the fragrance.  

Candles can make your home dreamy and romantic, invading your space with their sweet perfume.

4. What Candles Are The Safest To Burn?

Many controversies exist about burning scented candles - stick to the natural zone to be safe. So, your best bet is soy, beeswax, coconut oil, and other natural plant-based components. The same goes without saying for the wick components as well, i.e., cotton, hemp, or wood.

For extra caution, cut out any wax that has anything to do with paraffin. Paraffin is the culprit for creating the scary scenario related to scented candles posing health risks.

Pick up a candle that burns clean, longer, doesn't emit smoke, and is soot-free.   

Safety Tips to Follow While Using Candles

  1. Never leave the candles unattended - overnight in a room or in a locked house.
  2. When the candle is about to die off, please make sure you put it off.
  3. Don't bunch up candles and light them, as this can cause a flare-up.
  4. Proper room ventilation is a must when burning candles. Don't ever burn the candles in a closed room.
  5. Steer the candle away from flammable things and substances (Check Fire Safety Measures).
  6. Always keep fire extinguishers handy when indulging in a candlelit party or photoshoot where you must light numerous candles simultaneously.

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