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How To Choose The Best Shape Rug For Your Home Space?

Uncertain about which shape rug you should buy for your room? You've come to the right place. As you are well aware, many shapes are available in the market to choose from - rectangle, square, oval, and circle are the most common ones. And even abstract ones, but those fall under the uncommon range of rugs. We will learn how to choose the right shape rug for your rooms, just like a pro.

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Consider the following factors to find out the best shape rug for any room:   

  1. Shape of the room
  2. Furniture Layout 
  3. Type of room
  4. Purpose of the rug

Though rugs may seem insignificant in home decor, they are not. On the contrary, they can connect all of the decor elements of a particular room, complementing your room's furniture and interior decor. In other words, they are the cherry on the pie, the frosting on the cake, and the finishing touch of your home decor.

1. The Shape Of The Room:

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The room's shape is one of the major factors directly related to the shape of the rug you should pick. If your room is rectangular, choose a rectangular rug. If it is square, choose a square rug. Select a circular or semicircle rug if the room is circular or curved. Whatever the shape of your space is, remember a similarly shaped rug will complement and enhance the looks of your room.

2. The Layout Of The Furniture:

The furniture placement in a room has a large say in the shape of the rug chosen. For example, the furniture, side table, and additional chairs in your living space should comfortably sit over your square or rectangular-shaped rug because these are the most common shapes in a living room setup.

Likewise, the dining table's shape and size directly influence the shape and size of the rug. Choose a circular rug for a circular dining table to smooth out the edges and create a balance. 

3. The Type Of Room:

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If it is a corner, entryway, or nook near your bay window, consider placing a circle or semicircle shape rug next to it.

Determine the shape of the rug in your dining room based on the room's shape. If it is round or has curvy corners, go for a huge circle rug to accommodate the dining table with the chairs pulled out.

For a rectangular or square bedroom, choose a rectangle or square shape rug that can comfortably seat 2/3rd of the bottom of the bed, so you have a rug underneath you when you step out of bed.

A runner rug is best suited for an entryway, making the narrow way look spacy and wide.

Pick up a circular rug for the area next to the bay window, a space with curvaceous features, or a round corner (like next to stairs).

The circular rug also looks good in a child's room or playroom.    

An abstract-shaped rug suits an irregularly shaped room.

4. The Purpose Of The Rug:

If you want your rug to stand out from the rest of the crowd, then go for an irregularly shaped rug with vibrant color and catchy design and make it an eye-catching statement piece of the room.

If you don't prefer your rug to be too flashy, choose it to blend in, keeping the shape of the furniture and the room in mind and selecting a shape and pattern profile that integrates well with the existing design.  


1. What Are The Dos And Don'ts When Selecting An Area Rug For A Room?

i) Choose Your Rug Either First Or Last.

Often, a rug is the first or the last thing you will get for your room's decor.

If you already have a well-furnished room, it will be the last thing you will add to your room to perfect the setup. In that case, you need to measure the area around the furniture to have all your furniture area covered or at least the front part of your furniture covered.

If you are in the process of setting up your new home space, then you are in luck! Picture the final look. Now shop for your rug first, keeping in mind what type of furniture and interior decor you plan to go for, the color blend, and the size and shape of the rug depending on your room's dimensions and the proposed furniture layout.

Believe me! Doing it this way is far easier than choosing it at the end, as meeting all our expectations is a challenging and impossible feat to accomplish, especially with rugs.

2. A Perfect-Sized Rug Is The Rule Of The Thumb

A rug that is unfashionably big or distressingly small will never do. It should be the right size for your room.

As mentioned earlier, it should go around your furniture to bring completeness and harmony to your room. If you don't manage to get a rug that has room for all your furniture, then make sure it has at least enough space for the front legs of your furniture. But this is only for the living room.

For the bedroom, though, it is preferable to choose a rug that also houses the nightstand. If you don't get the right-sized rug, you can opt for covering up 2/3rds of the lower portion of the bed.

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For the dining room, it is better to be without a rug than to go for too small a rug. The rug should not just go around the dining table but also comfortably seat the pulled-out chairs - otherwise, your chair will be on an uneven floor which is not the most comfortable sitting arrangement. It should measure approximately 25-30 inches from the rim of your table on all sides. (Consider the total length of your table if you have table leaves in them.)

A few other size rules would include:

Don't smother your room space with your overlarge rug; it should never cover the entire surface. Leave plenty of breathing spaces to exhibit the raw beauty of your floor.

There should be considerable space between the rug and the wall (7-9 inches) in the foyer space of your house. The rug should be broader than the door to create a spacious look and a broader feel.   

If you have to use two rugs in the same room, they should never be the same or match each other. So, never buy two similar rugs or the same rug twice. Period.

For a space with an open concept, choose rugs of warm or cool tones that would go well with the furniture of each section. Though both the rugs may be next to each other, let the design, pattern, and color differences dictate their cohesiveness and dynamic space and create a unique focal point. 

Enjoy your rug-choosing journey!


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