Jul 12, 2023 | Ahalya Ravi

Innovative Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen From Boring To Wow!

Kitchen renovation can be an exciting project as well as a demanding one. Giving a facelift to your kitchen will take days of meticulous, detailed planning and carefully selecting and installing each element.

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Here are a few innovative ideas to transform your boring kitchen into a wow: 

  1. Repaint Cabinet Doors
  2. Upgrade Kitchen Appliances
  3. Replace The Sink
  4. Updating Details
  5. Replace Countertops
  6. Change Backsplash
  7. Modify The Layout
  8. Introduce a Kitchen Island
  9. Fix Floating Shelves
  10. Install New Lights
  11. Add Baskets To The Wall
  12. Label and Organize Bottles
  13. Use Adhesive Wall Hooks
  14. Bring In Herbage
  15. Go Trendy With The Flooring
  16. Open Up The Cabinets
  17. Hooded Hoods
  18. Repaint The Walls
  19. Upgrade Your Pots and Pans
  20. Add a Rug To The Kitchen Floor 

No matter what trends in the market, your personal preference and style outweigh everything. Choose what appeals to you the most and create a cooking space that inspires you to hang around, cook, and enjoy your time with your family.

So, come, let's dive in for the makeover!

1. Repaint Cabinet Doors:

When you want to use the same cabinets but would like to quickly change their appearance without spending much, painting them can be your best go-to solution.

Find a hue that complements your kitchen walls or contrasts them fascinatingly. The dash of color change will perk up the whole environment and make it look invigorating.

But be ready to change the cabinets entirely if they are worn out or damaged. 

2. Upgrade Kitchen Appliances:


Kitchen renovation is not complete without the addition of sleek and modern kitchen equipment.

When doing a complete overhaul, consider getting everything smart - a smart dishwasher, smart air fryer, smart microwave, smart refrigerator, smart coffee machine, smart oven, etc.

Updating with these intelligent appliances has its own set of advantages. At the press of a button (from your place of work), you can get your equipment on and going, and the food prep is over when you are home for dinner. Sizzling hot food is ready to be served.

It not just gives you the liberty of operating the equipment remotely but also cuts down your energy bills, notifies you of any technical or hardware problems in your machine, and makes homemaking simple.

Measuring the equipment to see if it will fit in your kitchen is a wise decision when upgrading.

3. Replace The Sink:


The sink is an important functional unit in any kitchen and a must-have in any kitchen. Changing the sink in your kitchen is crucial for a brand-new look.

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Opt for a modern, traditional, or farmhouse sink with a pull-down or gooseneck tap to sway your tap around. Choose the color that matches your other fixtures in the kitchen - matte black, brushed gold, stainless steel, brushed brass, etc.

If changing your sink can be overkill, consider changing your tap into a pull-down faucet.


4. Updating Details:


Changing things, even as small as handles, can make much difference. Purchase handles that go along well with other fixtures.   


5. Replace Countertops:


If you have old, chipped, cracked, or discolored countertops, this is the time to change them.

Explore and find alternative materials that best suit your countertops, such as quartzite, marble, granite, concrete, recycled glass, etc.

Ensure that the worktop material you choose is durable and goes along well with the backsplash and other fixtures in your kitchen.

Install the countertop first and then the backsplash.

6. Change Backsplash:


Removing the old backsplash and reinstalling a new one can be a game-changer in kitchen renovation.

Choose one that suits your kitchen and budget - smart tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles, patterned ceramics, colored glass, mirrored glass, metal like stainless steel, or even reclaimed wood.  

Tiles of numerous sizes, shapes, designs, and textures are available. Porcelain tiles are durable, easy to maintain, and a great alternative to expensive marble.

The only disadvantage of tiles is the grout. Cleaning out grout can be hectic. If you want to go grout-free, choose colored or mirrored glass or metal backsplashes.

Toughened glass panels are great options, too - colored, beautifully patterned, and pictured are a few cool ones in this category. They are easy to clean and cost-effective too.     

The countertop material is another popular option to try. Quartz, granite, and marble need professional help with templating for your kitchen, which can make it an expensive option. But once installed, it will be a breeze to clean, being both heat and scratch resistant and an absolute jaw-dropping stunner.

Paint is the cheapest option. It is cost-effective as it can be done DIY - choose either a glossy or a semi-glossy texture for your kitchen paint.

Limewash can be an excellent option for a soft matte finish and a chalky appearance.

7. Change The Layout:


The best time to change your kitchen layout would be now. Knock out the walls and open up spaces to create an airy feel in your kitchen. This can totally change the look of your kitchen.  

8. Introduce a Kitchen Island:


Talk about maximizing space and adding more organizers to your kitchen - think of a kitchen island!

Accomplish the addition of extra space without really changing the layout of your kitchen by building a kitchen island. And the kitchen is one space in your home where adding extra space never hurts but is always a welcome change.

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They can be a functional addition to your kitchen by acting as a food prep counter, a perfect coffee table for chit-chat, and also can house a kitchen appliance, if necessary.  

A kitchen island can easily become a focal point in your kitchen, and all that extra storage space and countertop space is a big fat perk for any cook.

The new kitchen island-making trend is mixing various materials, colors, and shapes.

Consider adding an extra sink, a charging station, a built-in wine rack, and storage space on your kitchen island.

You can install a pot and pan rack over the island to hang pans and pots over the island, making it both handy and a stylish addition.


9. Fix Floating Shelves:


Falling short on space is a recurrent problem in any kitchen. One day it will seem as though you have enough, and suddenly you will find you are cramped for space.

In such a situation, the first thing to do is to declutter your pantry shelves. If you regularly remove clutter from your kitchen and still lack space, go for a few floating shelves.

Install them in no time and enjoy the extra space by putting your spice jars, cutlery holders, bottles, flasks, and so on. They are cheap and sturdy, and installing them can be done in a jiffy.

Floating shelves make your kitchen look neat, clean, and organized.  

10. Install New Lights:


With the change in lighting, you can improve the kitchen's ambiance. Introduce dainty chandeliers over your kitchen island. Use pendant lights as focus lights over workspaces like the stovetop or sink space. Under-cabinet lights are a great way to lighten the countertop area of your kitchen.

Add rustic lights, flush mount fixtures, hanging lights, and ceiling and wall mount lights to your kitchen and plug them in. Layered lighting in the kitchen creates an inviting workspace.


11. Add Baskets To The Wall:


It is easy to fall short of counter space, especially in the kitchen (if you are not careful). The more free space you have on the counter, the more spacious your kitchen looks.

Elevate the level of your storage space and free up your countertops. Store all fresh produce like fruits, onions, garlic, and potatoes in hanging baskets.

To do this, install a few command hooks and hang the wooden baskets or macrame bags for a bohemian look.

Wall hangers/baskets are a perfect storage solution that is also absolutely eye-catching.

12. Label and Organize Bottles:


Time for new bottles! Get uniform-sized bottles and containers for kitchen supplies. For example, stores spices in equal-sized jars and use bigger containers for pulses.

Group the kitchen items and store them so it is easy to find the ones you are looking for.

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Transparent containers are an all-time favorite in any kitchen. It's easy to find the items stored inside, plus you know when they are due for a refill, so you can add them to your grocery shopping list.

Labeling is the kitchen map for anyone who walks inside your kitchen. Proper labeling will make your kitchen guest-friendly; anyone can start cooking if they know the recipe and ingredients.

And yeah, labeling is trending.

13. Use Adhesive Wall Hooks:


This is a clever way to make more space out of nowhere. Paste the wall hooks - underneath, on the sides, on the insides of the cabinets, above the worktop, and literally wherever you can spare a spot or two.

Wall hooks help you hang all utility items - aprons, kitchen accessories, wooden spoons, scissors, kitchen towels, and even decorative items you want to exhibit! 

14. Bring In Herbage:


Pep up your space with a mini garden. The color green is said to calm the nerves and bring in a balance between the different colors in the room.

Create a live herb counter by growing herbs used in everyday cooking, like rosemary, mint, basil, cilantro, parsley, and chives. Pluck a sprig or two, chop them up, and add them fresh into your dish while cooking.

15. Go Trendy With The Flooring:


You might be thinking that no one will ever notice the floor of your kitchen. Like kitchen walls, floors are prone to take up stains and become ugly and dirty (if not maintained properly).

Think of all the accidental food splashings and oil spills! Plus, it's a high-traffic area - especially if you have schoolgoers and working people. Understandably, your kitchen floor can turn into a real mess after the busy morning hours.

You can leave the kitchen floor as is if they are well-kept, of course!

Be creative when you want to do your flooring. Like all the others, there are many innovative flooring options that add visual interest to your cooking space.

Limestone, patterned tiles, tumbled stone, wood-look porcelain planks, colorful vinyl flooring, marble, linoleum, or vinyl floor are a few you can choose from to make a statement floor.

16. Open Up The Cabinets: 


Achieve an airy and spacious space in your upper cabinets by removing the doors and creating open cabinets.

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In contrast, (if you would still like to keep it closed) change the wooden doors into glass doors and display your gorgeous glassware, dishware, and vintage collection.

17. Hooded Hoods: 


What was once the kitchen's focal point is now either hidden under the cabinets or entirely replaced by the downdraft ventilators. Yes, now is the era of the downdraft range.


18. Repaint The Walls:


We all know kitchen walls can quickly get greasy, oily, and dirty. So, this project is crucial for a fresh look. And it is cost-effective and can be done DIY.

Take the help of designing software to see how your choice of color looks in your kitchen - along with all the new improvements. Visualize how well the combination will work in reality, and then finalize your wall color.  

The overall palette has shifted trends to warmer colors like brown undertones, beige tones, creamy white, and taupes - more on the softer and muted sides of the colors. If you want to stick with the trend, choose these colors and tones for your kitchen walls.

19. Upgrade Your Pots and Pans:


Switch over your pot and pan collection to a trendy and stylish one if you don't want to be seen hanging out with your old, outdated ones.

When choosing your new cookware, don't compromise on quality. Ensure they are durable, non-toxic, don't react with food, and easily transition from stovetop to oven. There are a lot of options out there. Choose the ones that will match your kitchen decor and look like they always belong there! 

20. Add a Rug To The Kitchen Floor: 

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Select a non-slippery, soft rug for your kitchen floor which perfectly fits your kitchen shape. A rug can be a life-saving kitchen essential and a beautiful addition to your kitchen decor. So, don't skip this one!

Now is the time to marvel at the stunning and picture-perfect cook spot that you have created and are proud of.

Enjoy the fruit of your hard work!   

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