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Sparkling Decor Ideas To Illuminate Your Space & Mood With Lights

A well-decorated room can lack life without proper lighting. Correctly illuminating your space can be a mood changer and perk up your spirit. So, drive away the blues and flood your area with illumination at the tap of a switch.

Introduce These Sparkling Decor Ideas To Illuminate Your Space And Mood With Lights And Turn Your Dull Room Into A Jaw-Dropping One. 

  1. Cascading Light Curtains
  2. Deck Up The House Plants
  3. Create A Canopy of Lights
  4. Lighted Tent For Kids
  5. Decorate Indoor Swing With Lights
  6. Sparkle The Lawn
  7. DIY Vintage Lanterns
  8. Light Up The Floating Shelves
  9. Vanity Mirror Light Decor
  10. Suspend Pendant Lights/Chandeliers
  11. Illuminate The Stairs
  12. Chinese Paper Lamps
  13. Photos-Fairy Lights Combo
  14. Branch Lighting
  15. Fire Feature
  16. Candle Display

When narrowing down on lighting choices for your home, plenty of lighting arrangements and ideas are available.

I totally understand how you feel when looking at the lighting options. Given the massive array of dazzling displays, it's a tough choice.

Let me make this easier for you. Though there are a million sparkling choices, one unique thing is your home.

Determine which lighting will work best for your space, furniture, preexisting decor, room color, function, size, and shape. 

Bold, big ones or dancing pixie lights, whatever your pick for your space is, prepare to enter a new world of illuminated magnificence.


1. What Are Some Decor Ideas to Light Up Your Space With String Lights?

1. Cascading Light Curtains:


Anyone looking for a quick makeover can do this DIY, and the result is truly stunning.

Cover your walls with gold or silver light strings to create a cascading curtain of warm glowing lights.

Choose a plain wall (or the front or back of a curtain) to hang your flowing light setup. Once you have spotted the perfect location to put it up, plug it in, switch it on, and let the brilliance flow.

Flaunt this glowing decor point in your bedroom, dining, or living space and shine them all year round.

2. Deck Up The House Plants:


Each year, the bewitchingly beautiful Christmas trees are in a spectacular display throughout the festive season.

Let's be the rule breakers and change the tradition. Deck your indoor plants with glowing apparel instead and cheer up your indoor vibe.

Dress up your gloomy plant Cinderellas by throwing a little magic spell and fairy lights into the planters.

Let them join the party in their glowing attires - not until midnight but all night long!

3. Create A Canopy of Lights:


Transform your slumber chambers into an enchanting paradise where dreams come true by illuminating your bedroom with string lights.

Use a combination of sheer fabric drapes and fairy lights to create a mystical canopy over your bed.

Walk into your bedroom and into an out-of-the-fairy-book dreamscape.


4. Lighted Tent For Kids: 


Not going out for a vacation? Make the most of your staycation.

Prepare a cozy play space for your kids by gathering their favorite toys, books, and pillows into the pitched tent. Decorate the tent with fascinating mini-lights to create a charming and engaging atmosphere.

Watch your kid's eyes brighten when they run into this big surprise.

Enjoy and capture the moment as your kid bounces joyfully in their newfound favorite place.

5. Decorate Indoor Swing With Lights:


Add fairy lights to the frame of your indoor swing and make it look ravishing. The twinkling hanging chair will (Bet You!) become a statement piece of your living room.

Utilize it as a cozy reading nook or a place to nap peacefully.

6. Sparkle The Lawn:


Lights don't just look fantastic on the walls and ceilings but even on the ground. Go on and scatter the sparkles on your lawn.

Spread lamps or lights on your lawn, creating a romantic glowing beauty in your outdoor space.

It works as a lawn decor and lights up your outdoor space at night. 


7. DIY Vintage Lanterns:


This is an excellent opportunity to upcycle your kitchen or mason jars. Recast them into rustic lanterns and hang them to adorn your indoors or outdoors. 

Utilize a lazy afternoon and do this project DIY.

Add a light element like a bulb or a string of fairy lights.

Or layer the bottom with salt or sand and place a candle in the lantern. Trim the jars creatively.

Design a hanger using a wire. Wrap it tightly around the mouth of the bottle and make a loop for swinging it.

Dangle your lovely vintage lanterns to revamp the aura effortlessly.

Be party-ready!

8. Light Up The Floating Shelves:


Want to brighten up your utility spaces?

Tuck away the lights from the plain display and introduce downlights to your ceiling, coves, and furniture like sofas, beds, cabinets, and shelves by installing LED strip lights under them. This subtle lighting game will enhance the room and give it a modern and mystical effect.

Let the soft glow lighten the room and instantly change the ambiance into an appealing one.

9. Vanity Mirror Light Decor:


Show off your dressing table by lacing the edges with delicate LED strips or string lights.

Including the light enhancement into your vanity display can transform the tone of your dressing corner into a captivating one.


10. Suspend Pendant Lights/Chandeliers:


Pendant lights are splendid lighting options and are trending everywhere!

If you want to go with the flow of fashionable lights, suspend pendant lights over your kitchen island, coffee table or dining room, foyer space or staircase, bedroom, and even bathrooms.

Pendant lights bring an artistic touch to your place. They provide ample lighting for the room and help focus light on the task area below. 

11. Illuminate The Stairs:


Brighten the flight of stairs leading to your porch or the staircase at nighttime with guiding lights for a steady foot and a breathtaking view.

With these classic riser lights installed, moving around your space, especially in the dark, will be a breeze.

12. Chinese Paper Lamps:


Hang them on garden trees, porches, indoors, or anywhere you please!

This dazzling, colorful Chinese paper lantern display makes your living space stylish and glamorous.

Bring these super charmers home to incorporate a festive mood. Though the spherical ones are the most common, many shapes and designs are available. You can opt for a modern version of these lamps for a unique lighting element rather than the traditional ones.

13. Photos-Fairy Lights Combo:


Clasp your favorite pictures on a thread with a clothespin and string them with fairy lights for an exciting display.

Exhibit them in your personal space and cherish the pictures and the moments in the sparkling glow.


14. Branch Lighting:


Suspend an unseasoned branch from a random tree on the ceiling and deck it with bold lights. This nature-inspired beauty is well crafted to suit the room's color and texture and is one of a kind.

15. Fire Feature:


If you have a fireplace, then don't shy away from using it. Natural fire can bring warmth and coziness to your space.

Companies sell customized miniature fire bowls, pits (that can be placed comfortably on a tabletop), and other movable fireplace options to fit into your home.

Watch the drama of the dancing fire and enjoy the warmth of the coal embers in your living room as you read or relax snuggly by its side.


16. Candle Display:


Finally, bring real candles to shine up your space - votives, tealight, aromatic, floating, pillars, and so on; the list is endless.

Evoke your senses with the elegance and grace of candles to gently brighten your surroundings - for a calming and relaxing effect in your living room and a romantic and inviting aura in your bedroom.

Group them with other decor elements like vintage candlestands, wooden trays, glass jars, and mirrored trays. Or float them in the water for extra appeal and a gleaming display.

2. How Can I Decorate My House With LED Lights?

Use LED lights to decorate various points of your room for a stunning display of lights. 

LED lights have a long lifetime, making them a wise investment. So, you can go for permanent fixtures without worrying much about replacements or repairs.   

1. Purchase The Right Kind Of LED Lights:

Consider the room color you plan to decorate before purchasing the LED strips or bulbs.

Choose warm-toned LED lights for red, orange, and yellow colors and cool white lights for blue, green, and gray.

2. Edging Framework:

Plant LED lights along the walls, ceilings, doorways, windows, or curved archways to accentuate their architectural beauty.     

3. Mimic A Starry Night:

Scatter LED dot lights onto your ceiling for a night sky effect. At the end of the day, turn off all the other lights, relax under the starry night sky, and gaze at your shimmering stars.

4. Embellish The Furn:

Don't let your furnishings go unnoticed; add pomp and shine to them instead.

Recess lights work great for your sofas, beds, and other furniture. Give each of them a soft halo for being a part of your home.

5. Spruce Up The Headboard:

Ginger up the bedhead with a string of LED lights for an ethereal feel. Enjoy the streaming lights while reading or spending quality time with family before sleeping off.     

6. DIY Letter Project:

Use LED lights to customize a marquee letter display of an initial, word, name, or shape. Display these gorgeous lights on the walls of your living room. 

7. Patio Decoration:

Utilize the LED lights to adorn your patio space and make your outdoor space inviting and happy.

8. Garland Lights:

Install the electric LED garlands on your railings and illuminate your staircase with luminous glory.

9. Highlight Wall Art:

Attach LED strips around or behind your wall art to create a dynamic backlight effect on your art piece.

10. Table Centerpieces:

Pick these LED candles instead of the usual wax ones. The best thing about these pretty candles is that they are safe to use even in bedrooms and can be put off by clicking a button.

Since they don't have a real flame, it is safe to use them outdoors without the fear of being blown out by the wind. Also, no more wax spilling!

11. Globe String Lights:

If you are crazy about color lights, then add this to your cart. Transform this festive globe light collection into party decor and get the party going!

12. Bookshelf Lighting:

Install LED lights under your bookshelves or floating shelves for a diffused light display. It is now so easy to pick up any book to read from the dark corner of your room without fumbling for one.  

3. How Does Lighting Lift Your Mood?

Step into a dull, poorly lit room - feel the instant change in your mood. Staying there any longer will make you feel anxious and depressed.

Switch on proper lighting and bring in sufficient luminosity to brighten your room. It can immediately improve your mood and energize you.   

Warm light hues relax and soothe your mood, while the bright blue lights make you feel focused and motivated to work.

4. How Does Lighting Change The Tone Of Your Home?

Choosing the right kind of lighting will help you define the tone of your home. So, cater to your home the light options according to your preferred mood or style. 

  1. Warm Lights - Pick yellow, orange, and red tones for a relaxing, soothing aura. 
  1. Cool Lights: Blues and whites are the best choices for a modern, eclectic feel.
  1. Dimmed Lights: Dim down your warm or cool lights for a calming and tranquil vibe.
  1. Task Lighting: Provides spotlighting to the task space. Helps focus and concentrate.
  1. Accent Lighting: Adds depth and accentuates art, architectural features, or ornamental elements. Draws attention to a particular place.
  1. Chandeliers and Pendant Lights: Serve as focal points of interest and decor features. Also, illuminates the space. Beautifies the space and evokes happy emotions.
  1. Wall Sconces: Apt for faint, hidden lighting options, enriching the ambiance.

Smart lighting is in - it is created to transition automatically from daylight to night light. So, install this hassle-free lighting system to avoid being bothered about installing exclusive lighting for different times of the day.   

Lights are no longer reserved for special occasions, events, celebrations, or festive seasons. It has become an inevitable decor option that anyone can use to easily brighten a dull space. So, include these eye-catching illumination displays in your interiors and exteriors, making your home look exotic.


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