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Utilize Your Wall Space With These Trending 5 Wood Wall Panel Ideas

The wood wall panel is your savior when you can't paint your wall to mask a defect or want to cover up a damaged wall. With wood wall panels, you can create a statement wall with texture, depth, and colors. Some added features of wood wall panels, aside from the charm aspect, are enhanced acoustics and insulation. They are also known for their durability, sustainability, and easy installation.

Here are 5 Of The Most Trending Wood Wall Panel Ideas: 

  1. Slat Accent Wall
  2. 3D Wood Wall Panels
  3. Shiplap Panels
  4. Reclaimed Wood Panels
  5. Carved Wood Panels

1. Slat Accent Walls:

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These famous wall designs from the 1970s are back in style and trending. The credit goes to the DIYers; they have made them so popular that this retro style is back in business.

Slat accent walls create texture, depth, and visual interest in any living space.  

Wood strips installed from the floor level to the ceiling (vertically) or sideways (horizontally) form the slat accent wall.

The uniform spacing between each slat of wood gives the preferred visual appeal you want. The various thicknesses, widths, and finishes yield the desired designs. Precise measurement between each slat is essential for that classy slat wall look. 

You can choose wood or PVC for installing your slat wall, though MDF is the preferred material option for slat walls. They are usually attached to the wall using nails, adhesives, or both.

Slat walls are suitable for both farm-style and modern houses. Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or wherever you put them up, they become the focal point of the room as it creates a touch of beauty.

Before you choose the slat wall for your wall, consider the interior decor, color, and finish of your room, so that it perfectly fits into the existing decor scheme.

2. 3D Wood Wall Panels: 

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These textured wall panels are a craze these days. The intricate designs and pattern construct creates a 3D effect on your wall and defines your wall space like no other.       

And there are countless options to choose from: Waves, Chevron Lines, Zebra, Cubes, Diamond Plate, Hexa, Flow, Kaledio, Mosaic, Vaults, Bamboo, Flower, Cubes, etc.

These wood panels are made from either natural wood (oak, walnut, or pine) or engineered wood products like wood veneer or laminate, where a thin layer of real wood is attached to a substrate for added stability.

Installing them using meticulous planning and correct installation technique is vital to achieving the proper level and alignment for that perfect seamless finish.

Leaving the wood as is entirely your decision so you can showcase the natural looks of the woodgrain. Instead, you can stain, paint or coat it with a wood finish. Either way, the overall aesthetic has the final say as to what goes on the wall.

Proper lighting has a big say in 3D textured wall panels as they enhance the beauty of the wall and accentuate it to the next level.


3. Shiplap Panels:

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Shiplap panels have always been a popular choice when it comes to wood wall paneling.

Primarily constructed for the ship's exteriors, the top and bottom rabbet overlap in the shiplap panels, which snuggly fits. The final finish is impeccably clean and seamless, showing the visible shadow between each plank. Nailing, screwing, or adhesives can attach them to the wall.    

Natural wood like pine, fir, and cedar are best for manufacturing these wooden panels. Alternatively, MDF (Medium Density Fiberwood) offers a cheap alternative for these pricier counterparts which look just like natural wood.        

Shiplap panels are known for their versatility as they can be incorporated into various styled houses like farmhouses, coastal or contemporary.

Unfinished shiplap panels showcase the natural grain of the wood, exuding rustic charm. Alternatively, paint them to match the interior decor for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Choose to deck up your walls with shiplap panels for your living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, and even bathrooms. Or add more character and depth to your space by creating an accent wall.

4. Reclaimed Wood Panels:

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If you are a recycle-friendly person, you will surely appreciate reclaimed wood panels salvaged from old buildings, fences, barns, and other wooden structures.

Repurposed wood is scrupulously sourced, scoured, and prepared to be reused.

They are made from a variety of wood choices, the common ones being pine, fir, oak, barn wood, and chestnut. Each of these wood species exhibits a specific texture, color, and unique grain pattern, which exemplifies the beauty of the panels when installed.

Reclaimed wood can also have nail dents, knots, saw marks, color variations, and a naturally weathered look from its long-time use. Though these appear flawed, these very defects make them distinct and stand out from others.     

They are best suited for fireplace surrounds, accent walls, or to cover entire walls.

By choosing to use these for your walls, you minimize wood waste and preserve natural resources, as usage of this type of wood reduces the demand for newly harvested timber and makes the whole process eco-friendly. 


5. Carved Wood Panels

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When you want to exhibit a blend of artistry and craftsmanship in your interiors, carved wood panels are the way to go. They are exquisite additions to your living space, transforming the aura into opulence, luxury, and elegance.

This expensive wood panel option uses high-quality solid woods like teak, mahogany, cherry, and oak. These woods work well with deep carvings of intricate designs and provides a rich, natural look. 

The designs can feature contemporary, abstract, and traditional styles emerging from historical and cultural backgrounds. There is an expansive range of wood carving designs and patterns, including floral motifs, ornamental carvings, geometric shapes and designs, decorative elements, and intricate designs.

Various interior decoration applications like wall paneling, cabinet doors, decorative screens, room dividers, accent furniture, or a piece of artwork are places they have found utility in.

Though the wooden carved panels are left to display the original beauty of the wood and carving design, they can also be stained or painted to match the room's overall design scheme.

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