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What is the best way to display your growler collection?

If you, like me, didn't have the heart to throw away your used growlers to the recyclers, and they are still sitting in your garage, not so pretty but dusty all over (and if you are feeling sorry for how things turned out for them), then team up with me in my effort and bring the old boys in to restore them back to their place of glory.

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Display the growler collection in the living room, hallway, or kitchen space on the shelves, on the wall, on and under the floating shelves, hanging them on hooks, in the beer bar, on the growler racks, and every spot that will make sense to accommodate a growler. Also, repurposing the growlers is a clever way to exhibit growlers, as it serves two purposes.

Choosing to show off your growlers by bringing them out to light can be a fantastic idea for your living space decor. There are many ways to use them or simply exhibit them as a piece of decor. 

Keep reading further to discover many ways to flaunt your growler collection and make them the focal point of your home decor.

1. How Do You Clean And Store A Growler?

When you finish and empty the contents of the growler, rinse it thoroughly with a mild soap solution and warm water and scrub it down using a bottle brush to ensure no buildup is adhering to the bottle. The lid and the neck of the bottle need special attention in this cleaning process.

After the coronavirus, people have now started sanitizing their bottles for extra safety. Use sanitizers commonly used for glass bottles to sanitize them.

Rinse them off again using clean water. Now air dry them by turning them upside down so all the water drips out. Wait till all the moisture has evaporated.

Store the bottles away in a clean, dry place away from sunlight. Don't replace the lid while storing your growler bottle; it is best to leave the bottle open.

2. What Is The Best Way To Display Your Growler Collection?

There are numerous ways to set out your growler collection.

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Display your growlers solo or incorporate them into the existing decor of your house to create unique showpieces by repurposing them.

  1. Growler Vases: Growlers can make gorgeous vases and can become the centerpiece of attraction in your home. Choose any of these spots to put them - dining table, hallway, staircase, or living room - they merge well with the surrounding decor and furniture.

Also, both fresh and dry flower arrangements look exquisite in a growler. So, don't miss out on this easy one and step up your growler exhibition to the next level by just putting some stalks into it.

  1. Growler Lamp Fixtures: Creating one-of-a-kind lamp fixtures using your old growlers is an excellent way to showcase your used growlers. 

Cut the bottom of the growler. Now add a cord and a socket to the mouth of the bottle. Screw in a light bulb in the socket and put on the light. Voila! Your customized growler lights shine on.

The etched words and labels effortlessly become the highlight of your customized lamps.

Growler chandeliers and growler lampshade stands are also ingenious ways to exhibit your growlers. Be sure to try these as well.

  1. Growler Bottle Wall: Isn't this idea mindblowing that you can use the growlers to create a unique decoration for your home wall? All you need is a blank wall and some creative flair.

To create a growler wall, start by hanging glass bottles from the ceiling or on a blank wall. Then, add some string lights or neon signs for extra pizzazz.

With a bit of imagination, you can turn any wall into a statement piece that will make your home the talk of the town.

  1. Growler Soap Dispensers: Your old growlers can be filled with liquid soap. Close the bottle by screwing up a pump.

With little to no effort, you have a trendy growler soap dispenser sitting on your countertop that will surely earn smiles from your guests every time they wash their hands.

  1. Growler Candle Stands: Amuse your party crowd by making these table-top or patio torches for your next party decor. 

Fill one-fourth of the bottle with a filler (beads, stones, or sand) and fill the bottle with tiki torch fluid. Then all you need to do is to insert a wick into the coupling and screw it into the mouth of the bottle. Next, attach the snuffer to the bottle's neck.

Photo by Brenan Greene on Unsplash


Now hang them in your garden or place them on the dinner table. Light them and enjoy your party lights.


So much for repurposing!  

But if you want to JUST display your growlers, consider the following:  

Exhibit your beautiful growler collection on open shelves and wooden cabinets with glass doors where they will stay protected from dust. Adjustable shelving units work wonderfully to fit growlers of all sizes.

Wall mounts yield an appealing look with the growlers on. Similarly, growlers mounted on racks and floating shelves offer an eye-catching display to your collection.

Consider using your old furniture or the one from the garage sale to display your growlers on a vintage backdrop.

Design a custom-made stand to seat your growlers that match the interiors of your house.

Finally, hang them on a revolving (rotating) stand meant to display the growlers. It will earn much appreciation and praise from your growler fan club as it gives a great view of your growlers from all angles.

3. What Are Some Growler Display Tips?

Here are a few tips to help you show off your growlers in style:

- Hang them on a wall or from the ceiling: This is a great way to show off your collection and use unused space. Use decorative hooks or even fishing lines to create an eye-catching display.

- Use them as decoration: Fill your growlers with fresh/dry/faux flowers or plants and use them as unique (also hanging) vases around your home.

- Create a terrarium - Assemble layers with the help of pebbles, charcoal, and garden soil and introduce small plants along with moss and fern. You need to choose extremely small ones that won't grow much bigger so it fits inside the growler mini terrarium.

As we discussed earlier, you can also convert them into soap dispensers, light holders, torches, and many more and put them to good use.

Your old growlers make a great addition to your display collection. Not only do they add a touch of the brewery to your home, but they can also be used as decoration or storage. So don't throw them away - recycle them into an incredible new growler display!

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