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Everything you should know about Milk Frothers before you buy

An irresistible cup of coffee and a coffee lover are made for each other. Not a day goes by without a coffeeholic savoring many delectable cups of coffee. However, queueing up outside the cafe every single day and parting with your hard-earned bucks can be a costly affair. So yes, it's now high time you put on your barista's hat and bring the flavor and taste home.


The key points to consider before buying a milk frother are:

  • Quality.
  • Capacity.
  • Choice of milk (dairy or non-dairy).
  • Frequency of usage of the frother.
  • Temperature control.
  • Budget. 

    The diet preference, coffee type, and ease of use also matter and differ according to the buyer's discretion. 

    Like an actor donning many roles, the traditional coffee has changed its facade many a time, winning millions of hearts with its satisfying taste. But, whether it is a sweet Mocha, an iced expresso, a strong French Cafe Au Lait, or a plain white flat, this love affair never breaks any hearts. So let's delve deeper to find out more about the equipment needed, the making of thick, creamy coffee, and the milk of your preference.

    What does a milk frother do?

    In simple words, froth milk for making your favorite coffee. Your milk frother blends the air into the milk to form a rich, creamy consistency. Whatever your choice of coffee is, be it the lattes or the cappuccinos, they taste outstanding when made with frothed milk.

    Which milk frother will suit you?


    If you are an ardent fan of coffee, investing in an automatic one available in the market is prudent.

    Get a cup of coffee before you would look into the pros and cons of making the final call on your milk frother, though - it'll help you think better and clearly.

    How to use an automatic milk frother?

    • Pour the milk into the frother below the line so you have enough space for the foam to rise.
    • Set the temperature of choice - cold or warm.
    • Press start.
    • Drink your favorite cafe latte all day long. 


      Are you a light coffee drinker? Is coffee just another word in your dictionary, and you could very well start the day without a cup of this aromatic beverage? If yes, a simple handheld frother will suffice.

      The electric frother is identical to a hand blender and does the job pretty well. It is both budget-friendly and easy to use.

      You can also opt for this version of frother if you want to be economical.

      How to froth milk with a handheld electric milk frother?

      It's as simple as using a handheld electric whisker.

      • Choose a long narrow tumbler from your glass collection.
      • Fill hot or cold milk till 2/3rds.
      • Immerse the head of the frother just below the surface. Don't plunge it deep down.
      • Switch the device on.
      • Stop and check the consistency.
      • Remove the equipment when you are satisfied with the lather. 
      • Revel in the coffee and relax.


        Do you still call yourself a coffee novice? Or do you still have a long way to go in your coffee-drinking journey?

        Don't rush and invest in the pricey milk frothers available in the market. Since your taste of coffee is still in its experimental stages, go for a manual milk frother. Making those lovely coffee-shop coffees that you had at the coffee house last week is no big game.

        But be ready to use a bit of your elbow grease. It's no big deal if you are a do-it-yourselfer around the house.

        How to froth milk using a manual milk frother?

        • Fill the milk in the frother up to the mark of the container.
        • Position the plunger and tightly secure the lid.
        • Set up the timer for a minute and start pumping. 
        • When the timer goes off, open the lid and check for consistency.
        • If unsatisfied, pump a bit more to perfect the texture.
        • Sit back and sip your lovely coffee.

        Due to its simple build, it can go on and on for years. Also, since it requires no power, it's eco-friendly.

        When You Are On The Go

        The battery-operated frother comes in handy to travel enthusiasts as it is compact.

        It's a great tool to take along with you on your next camping adventure as it is a space saver and requires minimal utensils. 

        Sip your latte coffee on a beach or in the woods; paradise is at hand.

        What alternate kitchen equipment can I use as a milk frother? 

        Why do you need to buy a manual frother if you have an old French press at home? It fits perfectly in your kitchen as a milk frother.

        Also, baking tools such as a handheld blender or a stand mixer can make beautiful foam for that perfect blend of your coffee avatar. Don't bother with fancy equipment if you have any of these.

        Does your milk frother heat milk?

        Yes, the automatic ones do.

        First, fix a coiled whisk in the jug and pour cold milk below the line. Next, close the jug's lid, select the temperature, and turn the device on.

        Open the lid and pour the frothed milk into your cup when the machine turns off.

        Suppose you don't have an automatic frother. In that case, you can heat the milk on a stovetop or a microwave before frothing it.

        What if you want to make a frappe or cold coffee?

        Some automatic frothers have the facility to cool the milk before frothing it. They use a different whisk to make cold foam, though.

        Now that you've chosen your equipment, it's time to explore a bit about the chemistry of frothing milk. 

        What is the science behind frothing milk?

        PHOTO BY sonerkose / PIXABAY

        As we all know, milk has both fat and protein in it. When air is introduced into the milk through a frother, the milk's protein will form air globules and stabilize the bubbles. The fat weakens the bubble formation, much like how egg yolks ruin foamy egg whites. But we can't avoid fat entirely as it gives a lip-smacking feel to the mouth, without which it'd be rather dry.

        What are the essential points to remember while frothing milk?

        1. Don't overheat milk. Overheating unwinds the protein, which clumps together and destabilizes the bubbles.
        2. Discover the best temperature - Practice will teach you the importance of reaching the right temperature before you can start making satisfactory froths.
        3. Fresh, cold milk is the secret - Fresh milk straight out of your refrigerator gives you marvelous froths. So be sure to use fresh milk for frothing.
        4. Be experimental - If you're a rookie practicing making froths, try different types of milk before you choose your choice of milk. There is a wide range of milk to choose from.
        5. Keep the pitcher clean - After every use, clean the froth pot thoroughly before frothing the next batch.
        6. Don't reheat the milk -  Never reheat the already warmed milk.

        Lastly, let's look into the wide range of milk options.

        What is the most suitable milk for frothing?

        Dairy Options:

        PHOTO BY Los Muertos Crew / PEXELS

        • Whole milk or cow's milk gives the perfect frothed milk and is best suited for frothing. The weight of the fat present in the milk may weigh the foam down, and you might need to be a bit more patient. Hold on. You'll get there! You'll soon see tiny, stable bubbles form while frothing, which results in a rich, creamy foam.
        • Low-fat milk is another excellent option. Like whole milk, the low-fat milk also froths and holds up well.      
        • Skim milk or non-fat milk is suitable for diet-conscious coffee enthusiasts. With this no-fat, all-protein milk, you can easily beat up the foam in a jiffy! Also, unlike the other two, it forms large bubbles with a firm texture.

        What are the plant-based, non-dairy alternatives?

        1. Oat milk: Lactose intolerant? Or a vegan? A delectable, decadent mug of coffee with a silky smooth texture is possible with oat milk. It is similar to dairy milk and is high in fiber and proteins, which helps you make your favorite cup of creamy frappuccino.

          Gluten-intolerant folks can opt for gluten-free oat milk.

          Making homemade oat milk is a cheap affair. You don't need any special equipment for it, and you can make it in no time.

          2. Hemp Milk: Puzzled about the source of hemp milk? Don't sweat it. It's only the plant that contains THC. Hemp milk is obtained from hemp seeds and contains only trace amounts of THC, and doesn't cause any mind-altering effects.

          The nutty-flavored hemp milk has an earthy, creamy taste. Aside from the various nutritional benefits, hemp milk has high healthy fat content and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The high protein present in hemp milk makes it an ideal choice for your daily cup of Joe, especially if you are health-conscious. 

          3. Soy Milk: Did you know this fave old-timer has been a dairy substitute for people with milk allergies? No wonder they're readily available in all the coffee shops and cafeterias. 

            PHOTO BY bigfatcat / PIXABAY

            It is also because their high protein content makes them a fantastic option for frothing, which makes them a preferential choice.

            If you're not allergic to soy milk, you can certainly give it a try. Though some don't like its taste initially, it is likely to become appealing as time goes on.

            4. Rice Milk: Coffee drinkers who prefer a light feel can opt for this one. Rice milk is relatively thin in consistency and doesn't foam as well as its peers (because of its low fat and low protein content).

            PHOTO BY Darío Méndez / UNSPLASH 

            Low in calories and highly nutritious, heating it can be tricky. So take care and warm it up gently. Also, you should know that adding cold rice milk to your hot coffee can cause it to curdle.

            Tastewise, rice milk is sweet and watery. High in carbs, it's not a terrific nutritive option but is a good alternative for people with dairy and nut allergies.

            5. Quinoa Milk: Quinoa milk is perfect for frothing due to its rich protein content. It has an unusual taste which causes it to have many fans and haters, all at the same time.

            PHOTO BY American Heritage Chocolate / UNSPLASH 

            What are the nut-based alternatives for coffee fans?

            1. Almond Milk: Unable to make latte art when using almond milk for coffee? Well, it is pretty thin in consistency and low in protein, fats, and calories. So, for a newbie, the froth is quite challenging to obtain, but once you master the art, you'll be pleased with yourself. But overfrothing will damage your foam, so be attentive.

              PHOTO BY dhanya purohit / UNSPLASH 

              Almond milk is ultrapasteurized and cooled quickly. So, once opened, consume it within a week. Don't overheat it, for it may burn or curdle. As it is quite delicate, warm it up gently.

              Try various options available in the market before making your choice.

              To avoid added sugar and thickeners, you can also try making your own version at home by soaking and grinding the almonds into an almond meal. The creamier foam from homemade almond milk is worth the effort.

              2. Cashew Milk: If you don't like the nutty taste of its buddies, the less-nuttier cashew milk is worth giving a try. 

                PHOTO BY Polina Tankilevitch / PEXELS

                Foaming the cashew milk is demanding, as it can get a buttery texture if you're not careful. In addition, cashew milk forms large bubbles when frothing, which are not dense.

                This sweet milk is both creamy and satisfying. However, since it is not widely available in the market, try making it at home with whole cashews.

                3. Coconut Milk:  Obtaining a froth with coconut milk is difficult, as it is a thin liquid and lacks fat content. So, stay away from skim and light versions of coconut milk. Instead, try buying a high-fat alternative that will yield a silky smooth, creamy consistency that you can be delighted with.

                PHOTO BY Tijana Drndarski / UNSPLASH

                When was the last time you tweaked a traditional coffee recipe? With a milk frother at hand, there's no stopping you now. So go ahead and indulge in the brewed delicacy from the comfort of your home. The luxurious silky drink is no longer a drive away and is now forever at your disposal. 

                Happy coffee-frothing!

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