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How To Get The Best Cold Brew Coffee In Your Coffee Grinder?

 A cup of cold brew is my ultimate go-to on any summer day. And so I always grab a cup from Starbucks next door to my workplace.

But I sorely miss it when I take off for a day or on a holiday. That's when I started exploring ways to make my cold cup of joe at home - rather than drive out whenever I craved a coffee drink.

And boy, I am glad I did! 

To get the best cold brew coffee in a coffee grinder, all one needs is,

Ø  A good batch of coffee beans

Ø  Knowing how and when to grind the beans

Ø  Selecting the right grinder

Let's first learn how to make a cup of cold brew (or cold brew coffee) from scratch.

The Simple Art Of Making Cold Brew:

It is a simple 3-step process.

The formula is steeping coarse coffee grounds + cold water + refrigerate it for 8-24 hours = yummilicious cuppa cold brew coffee.

The Method:

It is made by steeping the grounds of coffee with cold water (or room temperature water). You must be patient here as it is generally a long process, taking about 8-24 hours.

Now strain the grounds and discard them. Mix the extract with cold water or by adding chunks of ice.

This slow process of making cold brew coffee gives you an explosion of flavor.

Ta-da! Your cold brew is ready for you to sip and enjoy!

The cold brew coffee is less acidic due to the reduced volume of caffeine and acid in it. This is possible because the cold brew is made at a lower temperature and uses a longer steeping period, decreasing the acid levels.

And just like regular coffee, brew your cold brew with milk, sugar, or cream to jazz the flavor.

Let's look at the process of making the best cold brew coffee in a coffee grinder in detail.

Excellent Beans Excellent Brew

The key to getting a good cuppa cold brew coffee starts with a great choice of coffee beans. Always use coffee beans that have been freshly roasted.

Use medium to dark roasted beans for a much richer aroma and essence.

Gold roast coffee beans are the right choice to enjoy your cold brew without sugar or cream. It has a good balance of flavor and taste.

The type of coffee beans, most baristas swear by is the Arabica variety.

Any coffee beans should be used within 2 weeks from their roast date. Always be aware not to use lighter roasts at any cost.

Choosing The Right Grinder

Having the right grinder is ideal for crushing premium quality coffee beans.

There are two types of grinders for you to choose from:

Ø The blade grinder and

Ø The burr grinder

Blade Grinder – This is a low-cost grinder. You might need to compromise on the taste because the blades give you an uneven grind - some coarser and some finer in size. Ultimately, you will be left with an unbalanced and unevenly extracted coffee.

Burr Grinder – The burr grinder is ideal for investing your money. Even though it's in the higher price range, you get what you pay for.

The two rotating cutting discs leave you with an even-sized grind, thus providing a consistent extraction.

An added advantage of the burr grinder is it doesn't overheat, which preserves the flavor of the coffee. Also, it lets you adjust the grind size. 

Monitor The Grind Size

The grind size suggested by many coffee connoisseurs is the coarse grind. The danger with the fine grind is that it leaves you with an over-extracted coffee.

Also, an added advantage of coarse grind is it makes it easier to filter the cold brew coffee, thus extracting the sweet flavors.

Ensure that the grind size is no finer than the texture of the coarse sea salt.

Rubbing the coffee grind between both palms is a quick trick to check if the correct grind size is attained. The texture should resemble and feel like beach sand. This grainy consistency will provide less bitter-tasting coffee.

Be Mindful Before Grinding

Grinding your own coffee beans means being in control of the flavor. The grind size plays a pivotal role in extracting the complete essence of the beans.

To keep the flavors alive, grind the coffee beans only a few minutes before making the cold brew coffee, as the aroma in the coffee evaporates quickly. Therefore, the strong fragrance disappears when the ground beans come in contact with oxygen. As a result, the freshly ground beans should be mixed with cold brewing water immediately to get the maximum flavor.

Never store ground coffee. Always grind the exact quantity just before you prepare the coffee.

Perks Of Cold Brew

The health benefits of cold brew coffee are numerous. Some say cold brew is easy on the stomach, unlike regular coffee. Some impressive benefits include:

Ø It increases your metabolism – More calories are burnt during rest because of the amount of caffeine, thus helping in weight loss.

Ø It acts as a mood uplifter – It helps enhance one's mood and aids in concentration and attentiveness. It also acts as a remedy for depression and promotes brain function.

Ø It reduces the likelihood of developing type-2 diabetes – The chlorogenic acid in cold brew is an antioxidant. It helps fight type 2 diabetes. 4-6 cups of cold brew are essential to reduce the risk of acquiring this disease.

Ø It also regulates the gut peptides, the hormones in the digestive system, which is beneficial in slowing down the digestive process. This helps in keeping the blood sugar level stable.

Ø It protects your heart health – The compounds in a cold brew, such as magnesium, quinides, lignans, and trigonelline, protect the heart from heart attack and stroke. However, it is not recommended for people with blood pressure issues.

Ø It lessens the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease – The caffeine in cold brew activates the nervous system and guards the brain from getting age-related issues.

What more reasons do you need to drink cold brew coffee?

And for all the coffee addicts, you don't have to wait to go to the coffee shop to enjoy your next cup of joe. Get all the flavors of cold brew coffee now in the comfort of your home.


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