November 11, 2022 | Samuel Albert

Pros And Cons Of Different Straws That Help In Deciding Which One You Should Use

For something as simple as straws, you'll be amazed to see the straw options that are literally strewed over. Since plastic straws (the first of a kind) littered the land and water alike, much thought has been given to their environmental effects. As a result, many different types of straws are n... View Post

November 04, 2022 | Samuel Albert

Paper Straws Vs. Plastic Straws: Which One Will You Prefer?

Sipping my favorite Blue Lagoon Cocktail with a straw is something I look forward to whenever I am on a beach vacation. Does it really matter what my straw is made of? But wait! The outcry of the silent nature tugs at my heart to think twice here. I definitely don’t want to abuse our environment,... View Post

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