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Top 10 Essential Kitchen Appliances Everyone Should Have 

Happiness is homemade and so is fresh, nutritious and healthy food.  Kitchen gadgets are a fool proof way of making your home cooking experience way more enjoyable and less arduous.

Here is a carefully thought-of list of 10 essential kitchen appliances that can magically change your cooking experience from chore to fun.

What are the 10 Essential Appliances Every Kitchen Needs?

  • Basket Air Fryers
  • Instant Pot (Slow Cooker)
  • Convection Microwaves
  • Convection Toaster Ovens
  • Specialty Blenders
  • Baffle Filter Kitchen Range Hood
  • Electric Can Openers
  • Professional Stand Mixers
  • Juicers
  • Coffee Maker

These futuristic appliances will make your kitchen more tech savvy, functional and aesthetic.  Read on to see why you would need these must-haves in every modern kitchen.

  1. Basket Air Fryer

Photo by Kalisha Ocheni/unsplash

This is an amazing replacement for your deep fryer pots for various reasons. 

Basket air fryer is simply worth all the money because it not only makes the deep fries healthier, delectable and quicker to prepare, but also requires very little oil for preparation. It is definitely an excellent choice for the older generation and diet-conscious people likewise and saves them from guilt tripping on cheat meals.  It definitely is a better option for today’s generation.

Fries are an all-time favorite for everyone in the family, be it your small child or your ageing parent.   What can be easily a boring meal can easily be transformed into a feast when fries get into the meal plan; and when the aroma fills the air, suddenly every reluctant, fussy eater is hungry.  The modern basket air fryer makes the job easier without burning or overcooking the food and keeps your kitchen smoke-free.

  1. Instant Pot (Slow Cooker)

Photo by Katherine Chase/unsplash

Too lazy to cook?  Everyone experiences a no-cook mood.

Instant Pot or Slow Cooker comes handy at times like these.  Just toss in all that you have in your pantry into the pot, shut the lid off, set the timer on and go back to reading your book or snoozing in your hammock.

This multi-functional pressure cooker is a great way to fall back on in times of need.  It serves well as a sauté pan, rice cooker, slow cooker and cooks meat to perfection.  It retains the flavour and nutrition of the food.

You can even use it to make your own yogurt in bulk and also use it as a food warmer, cake baker, sterilizer and steamer. 
There are numerous customized built-in programs, and you can start off exploring it with the ones that you are familiar with, like soup, steam, poultry, etc.

It is proven for its safety and keeps your food warmer for a long time.  

If you get the smart phone-controlled model, you can schedule your cooking right from your office and can enjoy a piping hot meal as soon as you reach home.

It is great way to prepare one pot meal and is a life saver.

  1. Convection Microwaves

Whether you are planning to bake a quick chocolate cake for your sweet-toothed first grader or making a grilled sandwich for your husband to pep him up after he has had a long day at work, convection microwaves are the way to go.

This multi-functional cooking equipment comes in handy for busy people and relaxed ones alike as it not only thaws frozen foods but can also be used for roasting, frying, grilling, baking and many more with just the press of a button or combination keys.

It is a splendid device to have around to reheat a cold piece of pizza from last night’s dinner or a bowl of leftover spaghetti and, viola! your food has transformed to a fresh, sizzling, tasty meal that has just come off of the stove.   It is an indispensable device for any contemporary kitchen.

  1. Convection Toaster Ovens

Photo by Andrew "Donovan" Valdivia/unsplash

Want to get that perfect browning on the top of your muffins or the golden crust on your homemade pizzas?

The countertop convection toaster oven may be your best pick.  It can be used as an alternative for the standard oven and can be utilized to make toast, pizza, etc.  Its other functions include broiling, baking, and defrosting.  It is faster as it spreads out uniform heat.

Did you know that the dual-grooved rack allows you to cook two dishes at the same time?  Your time is precious and the people who designed this appliance kept it in mind while they made this gadget.

The smaller alternative is both economical and space saving when you have a smaller kitchen and a limited budget.


  1. Specialty Blenders

Photo by Ivan Samkov/pexels

Is your loved one on an unusual schedule and leaving home way too early and skipping breakfast?  No way!!!  A tall glass of smoothie or a fruit juice is the ultimate solution to calm your worrying mind.  Loaded with all nutrients and minerals, it is a sure way to keep the tummy full.

Specialty blender is my personal favorite as they pulverize raw vegetables, fruits and greens and prepare a satisfying drink that is wholesome and appealing; not to mention that it can be made in a jiffy.

"They look at the greens, but steal the bacon," quotes a famous Latin proverb.  These machines make it easy to consume them without much drama.

  1. Baffle Filter Kitchen Range Hood

Photo by Roam In Color/unsplash

Having guests over for dinner shortly and your house is in a smoky mess!!!

Baffle filter range hood is an exceptionally good choice for every kitchen.  I can’t stop myself from mentioning that baffle filters are the ones that make this range hood really stand out from the rest of the others.  The filters have a unique system of collecting the grease away from the air vents, so that the air flow system is free of clogging for up to three months.

Once you have installed this range hood, you can enjoy a peaceful aroma filled dining experience and smoke will be a long-forgotten word from your vocabulary.

  1. Electric Can Opener

Opening cans is definitely not my cup of tea.  I always end up spilling the contents on my dress or skinning my fingers trying to do so.

The electric can opener is a smart addition to your array of kitchen appliances.  It comes in handy at times of need and is both useful and affordable.

Don’t forget to pick them up from the counter the next time you go out for shopping.

  1. Professional Stand Mixers

Photo by Rumman Amin/unsplash

Baking is a therapeutic experience but beating and whisking and mixing manually will result in a sore arm.  If baking is your passion or a hobby or you just love to bake those lovely treats for someone special or it is just that you are a professional baker who is looking forward to set up a baking business, (ah!) a stand mixer is a great investment.

With the stand mixer in place, you can effortlessly bake anything: breads of all types, cookies, pastries, pies, cakes, muffins; name them.  Preparing the batter has never been so easy and it saves so much time and effort.  It is also a great tool for whipping up the frosting/fresh cream to perfection.  It is an obedient six-packed macho gizmo who never complains about overworking.

It can alternatively be used as a masher and a churner.

  1. Masticating Juicers

In the wee hours of the morning, my masticating juicer is working slowly, quietly, without making a sound, while the rest of my household is fast asleep.

They are cold, slow juicers that retain the nutrients intact during the process of juicing as they use crushing action to get the most from the fruits or vegetables.   It is also eco-friendly as the wastage is less. 

A vegetable smoothie or a fruit juice loaded with nutrients is a wonderful way to start any day’s journey.  Masticating juicer is your best kitchen mate for making those for you.

  1. Coffee Maker

Photo by Ronan Furuta/unsplash.

Fan of coffee?  Who will say no to a cup of steaming hot cup of black coffee!

Last but not the least, coffee maker is an excellent buy.  It is durable, easy to use, brews your coffee in just one minute and easy to clean as well.  

Brewing up your own coffee has never been so easy.

Did you know that you can make even tea and a hot cup of chocolate using this electric coffee pot?

As I wrap it up, there is nothing better than homemade food that is prepared with your heart and soul and loaded with love.  And these gadgets mightily contribute to keeping that tradition, alive, blazing and dazzling.

Happy cooking, guys!

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