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What To Do With Old Beer Glasses?

Are you running out of storage space but still find it hard to part with your old beer glasses? Over time, we grow fond of things around us and don’t have the heart to throw them out. If your old beer glasses come under this category, don’t worry; you have company. There are many ways to reuse them and keep them inside our roofs (well!) legally!

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9 Incredible Ways To Repurpose The Old Beer Glasses:

  1. Beer mugs are great substitutes for indoor planters.
  2. Chalice, goblet, and tulip beer glasses can replace cupcake stands.
  3. Make an hourglass display collection using two chalices or goblet beer glasses.
  4. Night lights can be made with whatever beer glasses are available.
  5. Change the beer glassware into candle stands instantly.
  6. Pen stands are a great way to remodel beer glasses.
  7. Craft an ornament holder using the beer glass as a stand.
  8. Create a DIY fountain/waterfall using a beer bottle and some beer glasses.
  9. Start using the old beer glasses as a cutlery stand or tool stand in the kitchen.

    Substitutes For Plantars:

    Glass and wooden beer mugs work great as planters for small plants like succulents and cacti. When you want to lighten your space by bringing life and greenery inside your house, you can use a trendy beer mug instead of a pot.

      PHOTO BY Sincerely Media / UNSPLASH 

      Place some gravel stones or rocks to the bottom of the mug/glass and fill the rest of the mug with rich potting soil. Now transplant your baby plants into the mugs and display them on a window sill or a kitchen shelf.

      The green element adds life to the dull, boring space. Make sure your plants get ample sunlight and water them sufficiently. Remember, these mugs don’t have a drain hole, so to prevent waterlogging, avoid overwatering.

      Cupcake Stands:

      Are you planning a kids’ party with cupcakes but don’t have stands to place them? How about using your old beer glasses? Specifically, if you have chalice, goblet, or tulip glasses, they will come in handy. While it is not novel to use wine glasses to display and decorate a cupcake array, beer glasses can move in and do the same job with the same grace. So, don’t shy away from using your beer glasses for the next party. 

        PHOTO BY Jen Theodore / UNSPLASH

        They can even be used as fancy ice-cream cups or juice/milkshake glasses if the cupcake thing is not on your bucket list. But ONLY use the fresh glasses for culinary purposes if you have lost or broken one of them from the set. Furthermore, do not use them if they have crossed their specified expiry date. The outdated glass is not suitable for serving and should be discarded or used for other purposes.

        Hourglass Design:

        Vintage designs attract us like none other. Hourglass is one such design. You can recreate the hourglass shape using two chalices or goblet beer glasses.

        First, carefully saw off the lip portion of the glasses (use protective gloves). Now, adhere both the stumps together to make an hourglass design.

        The interior decoration is entirely your choice. For example, you can create an underwater world, plant a terrarium, or create a faux hourglass clock, filling sand in one glass and flakes of styrofoam in another. You can thus create a centerpiece for your display zone with just two old beer glasses. 

        Create a Night Lamp:

        Transforming a beer glass into a night lamp is another terrific way to upcycle them. Glass, light, and night can be magical when put together and change the atmosphere. Use a hot glue gun to stick the battery-operated LED lamp in place. You can either opt to paint the glass or use stencils to cover it, whichever is easier for you. Else add dry or faux flowers to create a rich appeal to your table decor.

          PHOTO BY moniquayle / PIXABAY

          Make a Candle Stand:

          When you are in the mood for a romantic candlelight dinner, use the beer glasses in hand to catch the hot dripping wax and let the light shine through the glass. Plain, they look fantastic. But if you want to go a step further and decorate them, do so without hesitation. For example, add beads and colorful stones or just fill them with colored gel fillings before popping in your candle.

            PHOTO BY Anna Nekrashevich / PEXELS

            Make your candles stand tall by inverting your stemmed glassware and using the base for candle stands. Then, decorate the bottom with jute, stones, and ornaments. This way, you can make an amazing collection of custom-made festive candle stands that fits your interior decor according to the season.

            Convert it into a Pen Stand: 

            Any beer glass instantly can be changed into a pen stand. You can choose to cover it with decoupage paper, paint it with acrylic paints, or just etch the “Pen Stand” letters on them and start using them at your worktable.

              PHOTO BY miles-b  / PIXABAY

              Ornament Holder:

              Turn your chalice beer glass upside down and glue a wide glass plate on the bottom. Place this on your dresser and toss your jewelry onto the plate. They’ll stay safe there.

              The next time you want to wear your trinkets, there is no time wasted on the usual hide and seek games.

              DIY Beer bottle and glasses fountain:

              Do you have a couple of beer glasses and bottles lying around? Gather them up and create this unique waterfall feature for your living room display. All you need for this DIY waterfall/fountain project are:

                1. Some rocks from your backyard
                2. Faux/natural plants
                3. A motor to pump the water
                4. A big trough to hoist the setup.

                 It can’t get better than this!!!

                Cutlery Stand/Tool Stand:

                If you want your kitchenware to stay in the kitchen, use the beer glasses or mugs to hold your cutlery on the table or use it as a kitchen tool stand. It needs no decoration, but you can use some paint or do something simple if you want to revamp it a little bit. 

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