April 17, 2023 | Samuel Albert

Amazing Wardrobe Organization ideas. Dos and Don'ts for a cluttered closet

Are you tired of searching for your favorite shirt in your cluttered closet? Let me guess! Search it at the bottom of your closet; it must be lying there. A chaotic, messy wardrobe can be a big bother. And a disorganized closet can rob our precious morning time and make us feel irritated and anxi... View Post

April 11, 2022 | Samuel Albert

What is the best way to organize a home office?

Are you searching for that important paper and can't find it anywhere? Your time's up! Your cleaning schedule is long overdue. Though putting your home office in order can be a pretty daunting task (especially if you are a clutter bug like me), it is not undoable.  Photo by Bella H. / Pixabay H... View Post

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