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Amazing Wardrobe Organization ideas. Dos and Don'ts for a cluttered closet

Are you tired of searching for your favorite shirt in your cluttered closet? Let me guess! Search it at the bottom of your closet; it must be lying there. A chaotic, messy wardrobe can be a big bother. And a disorganized closet can rob our precious morning time and make us feel irritated and anxious. So it's high time you tidy your dresser. 

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  1. Wash and assemble all things.
  2. Sort clothes and accessories.
  3. Dispose of old and torn clothes.
  4. Hand out good things.
  5. Sell branded fresh clothes.
  6. Customize and recycle old favorites.
  7. Rearrange the rest of the paraphernalia.

A tidy wardrobe may be a dream for many of us, but it's in our hands to make that dream come true. Keeping your wardrobe easily accessible is simpler than you think it is. However, there are some dos and don'ts before you can get there. So, let's dive straight into clutter clearing and mastering the art of keeping a well-kept closet. 

  1. Wash And Assemble All Things.

Do you know why I put this one first? Because most of us have our frequent wears in the laundry basket. So, our very first step is to collect all the dirty clothes and do the washing.

All your clothes are now clean and smell good. Empty the closet. Clear out not just garments but all your accessories - purses, belts, scarves, jewelry, and other essentials. Your bedroom is now full of things.  

What should you do next?

  1. Sort Clothes And Accessories.

Yes, we now have to sort all the stuff. Don't be overwhelmed gazing at the piles of clothing. After multiple rounds of sorting, it will be a cakewalk.

Purge, purge, purge!!!

Let me warn you! The number of times you might have to do dejunking depends on the number of things you have. Deep decluttering is probably the most challenging part of the job, as you have to decide what you want to keep and what to discard. But trust me, ultimately, everything will fall into place, nice and smooth, once it's finished. 

Decluttering involves several steps. First, divide your things into four different categories.

  1. Old, torn clothes
  2. Things to be given away
  3. Branded or new stuff for selling back
  4. Clothes suitable for revamping

Photo by Sarah Brown / Unsplash

  1. Dispose of Old And Torn Clothes

Our very first job is to pick out faded, shabby-looking, worn-out clothes. Sure, they were once your best-loved clothes, but you can't keep them forever. So, toss them away in the trash.

Are you wondering what you should do with the torn ones?

If the outfit has only slight damage, you could mend it yourself or take the help of one of your family members to fix it. I used the dawning expertise of my mom to repair my torn clothes. 

If you don't have a good old friend to do the repair work for you, then let me warn you; it might cost you quite a fortune if you opt for hiring professional services to fix them. Calculate the cost to see if it's worth it. In the end, it's for you to decide what you want to do: to sew it or throw it. 

Trash your badly damaged ones. Even if you do the fix, it will show when you wear it, and it's just not worth it. So, go ahead and toss them OUT. 

Pack off all clothes that have to be redeemed out of the way. Your stuff now looks easily manageable. You'll feel relaxed and hopeful for the first time since you started cleaning up. There is light at the end of the tunnel, after all.

  1. Hand Out Good Things:  What are the things that we can give to others? Somehow most of us know the answer ourselves. Yes, it is something that we still can use. However, it may also be something that you've outgrown rather quickly or that you've rarely used. Select items that look new and fresh to donate.

An excellent clue to finding these things is that these clothes and items are the ones that step out at every spring cleaning and step in right after the cleaning is over. Yes, lol, we don't have the heart to give them away. But do we use them? No, we don't use them. But we don't cast them out either because we fancy them.

Suppose you do have such items in your closet for ages, which you, in all probability, are planning on wearing after you have reduced your waistline or gotten back your old figure. Let's be rational here! It's not going to happen anytime soon. So, at least let them be a blessing to someone else in these difficult times.

After each clear-out, you'll find a treasure of long-sought-after closet space.

  1. Sell Branded Fresh Clothes.

Do you feel it is a waste of money to give away your new clothes just because you aren't going to wear them? Then, this excellent option is just for you.

Did you ever know that cleaning your closet can be rewarding, and the reward is real money? You never know what you might find in there, so don't tarry the process. You can resell your dresses and other possessions. They don't necessarily have to be brand new. They must be in good condition and reusable, though.

Reselling branded goods are worth the loot. There are a plethora of online platforms where you can sell your outfits. Google them out, choose ones that suit you, and you are in for a deal.

Photo by Huy Nguyen / Unsplash

  1. Customize And Recycle Old Favorites.

The best thing about clearing our stuff is that WE hold the reins of the check and approval. It gives us the liberty of holding back cherished things as they mean more to us than mere clothes. And they are worth the keep.

If you want to customize them for reuse or convert them to a different form, you have numerous options. So, push on that creative button in your brain and get to work. Don't have a clue as to what to do? Search for "how-to" videos on Youtube and scan for ideas on Instagram for the best ways to customize and reuse your clothes and other things.

Talking about recycling things, I can hardly contain myself from sharing this true story of mine. My late grandmom, who happened to be my best pal, gifted me a red flannel blanket printed with buddy bears and yellow stars and moons. It was my favorite, but over the years, it started ripping apart at places. Still, I didn't want to discard it as it was more than a torn blanket for me. When I badly needed a tablecloth, my mom doubled the cloth and stitched a beautiful spread for my table.

Stained, torn, or boring? Never mind! There are myriad ways to style your attire into trendy wear or do a complete makeover of your things. Salvage your cherished and priceless collection, rehash or repurpose them to make other useful articles. All you need is a little creativity and some tailoring skills to do so. 

  1. Rearrange the Rest of the Paraphernalia.

Now that all the junk is out, it is time for the exhibition.

Max Up Hanger Space:  For better reach, view, and space-saving purposes, it is best to hang multiple clothes on a single hanger. A commonly used trick is to insert a soda can's tab to the hook of the first hanger and dangle a second one on the tab, thus doubling up the utility space.

Let's say you have an itsy-bitsy closet and want to make the most of the space. Make this DIY chain hanger - remember to buy the chain with holes big enough for the hangers to hook on. Install metal hooks on both sides. Now hang both the hooks on the closet rod and hang the hangers with clothes on the chain loops. Once all the loops are full, take off one hook and let the whole assembly hang by the other hook. This way, you'll be using the vertical space of your wardrobe to its max.

The same is available online by the name "Magic Clothes Hanger."

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto / Pexel

Divide And Stash Summer/Winter Collection: Separate your clothes according to the season. Store the season's clothes in the wardrobe and stow the rest in a garment bag.

Let's say, if the season is winter, you'll need a lot of space for jackets, mufflers, sweaters, snow boots, and so on. Fold and shelve things like sweaters and denim that are heavy. Jackets and winter coats can go on hangers.

If it is summertime, you can freely hang your clothes on the coathangers as most of them are light weighted.

Split Up Your Garments: With the next season's clothes out of the way, you can now segregate the rest of your dresses as light and heavy, formal and informal/everyday wear.

Hang the light ones and fold the heavy ones and stack them on the shelves of the dresser. Hanging the heavy ones will stretch them at the shoulders and make the robe go out of shape.

Hang your daily wear on one side of the closet. Cover all the partywear in a breathable bag and let them hang on a rounded hanger for better support. Store them on the lesser-used side of the closet.

Line Up The Lingerie: Dainties should be folded and arranged in a drawer for better visibility or stored in clear boxes. You don't want to be hunting for them when you are in an absolute hurry.

Organizing Ornaments: Jewelry can be kept in drawers. However, if you can't spare drawers for jewelry storage, consider getting jewelry organizers.

Do you own too many jewelry pieces? Consider getting hanging pocket organizers. You can now stuff all your ornaments in them, and everything is neat and organized. Finding them is easy as well.

Are you having only a few handpicked trinkets? Then, you can install some hooks on your closet door and hang the necklaces and chains separately in them so they don't get tangled. 

If you don't have any place in the door, then go for a wall-mounted organizer. You can even handcraft one by recycling an old frame transforming it into a beautiful wall organizer. 

Show Off The Studs:  Get a stud holder or stackable stud organizer for safely keeping your ear studs.

  1. Alternately, you can make a DIY earring holder by recycling cardboard or polystyrene sheets that comes as packing material.
  2. Cover it with a fabric or wire mesh.
  3. Design a beautiful frame to make it a classic.
  4. Poke holes and pin your dangling earrings and studs in them.

Photo by Get Lost Mike / Pexel

Group The Goggles:  Tie both ends of an elastic band or twine to two hooks in the wardrobe door. Hang your sunglass collection on it. There you go!!! All your coolers are lined up easily in a beeline.

Roll or Hang The Belts and Scarves:  You can choose to either roll or hang the belts and scarves and give them a dedicated rack. Leather belts are best stored loosely rolled up and safely put in a cubed organizer. If left in the open, they can dry up or get damaged.

Roll up the socks and tuck them at the cuff and store them.

Lack shelf space? Hang your belts by the buckle on a single S-shaped hook hung on the closet rod, and hang all your belts in it.

Designate a hanger for the scarves.

  1. Fold the scarf in the middle.
  2. Place the folded end on the hanger and create a loop.
  3. Bring both tails of the scarf through the loop and snug it tight.

You can organize all your scarves like this in one or more hangers.  

Seat The Bags Down:  Never hang your handbags while not in use. You can end up damaging their handles. Instead, stack them vertically on the top shelf above the hanger space. You can also put all your bags, clutches, and purses in one big basket or a bin and place them on a rack. Finally, cover your expensive bags in a cloth bag to keep out the dust and stow them carefully.

Kick The Kickers:  Store all your footwear on the closet's bottom shelf on a shoe rack. Use pocket organizers for shoes if you have limited shelf space.

Keep That Hat High: Hats can effortlessly be hung up on hooks inside the closet door or at your hand's reach at the back of your closet space.

You can also store them in hangers. All you need is some shower rings, and you can efficiently hang as many hats as you want in a single hanger.

Bingo! Mission accomplished.

It is so cool to organize your own closet. With all the junk gone, be mindful to keep it that way. Curb your shopping instincts. Abstain from impulsive shopping behavior. If there is something you can't resist, stay calm for a day or two. If you think you still need it, then go for it. Purge every six months to a year. Organize your dresser as and when it gets disarrayed.

Live life. Be happy. Stay positive.

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