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Hallway Storage Ideas That Make Your Entrance Looks Both Pleasant And Organized

Most of our houses are filled with things, and we have no space to organize them in an aesthetically pleasing way while our hallways are plain and empty. We fail to realize that this is an excellent area to utilize. This space has a great potential for storing things, making them easily accessible and available. The right type of storage can make your entryway both charming and convenient. 

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Making storage in the hallway seems tricky because of the small yet essential space. Practical strategies like building slim shelves, installing hooks and pegs, and propping ladder shelves will solve the storage problem. Investing in mirrors and good lighting will also help create an illusion of a larger hallway. Consulting a professional can also help. 

Most storage ideas will work well based on what you want to store and the size of your hallway. Of course, different ideas may work for different sized hallways but never mind! Whether you are building new shelves or just organizing the area with storage baskets and wall-mounted shelves, we have got you all covered here in this write-up.

How To Store Items in My Hallway? 

Storage Baskets: One of the most convenient storage methods is baskets. They are big, airy, and can be used to store just about anything. In addition, baskets with lids prevent too much dust from gathering. Adding these baskets to your shelves helps you keep your small hallway better organized. Building tall, wall-length shelves also helps make most of the unused space and gives you more storage area. Pop some baskets into these shelves, and you have got a ton of storage space for you. 

To make it easy for everyone in the house, you can label the baskets. For example, baskets in a particular rack for hats and gloves, another for letters, parcels, and socks. Devote one basket for each family member to avoid rummaging through all the baskets from their things.

Staircase Storage: If you live in a house with a staircase, it is always a good idea to build a storage facility under your staircase. This often-overlooked space neatly hides the shelves but is at hand nevertheless. 

These storages are not only convenient but are also big enough to fit in anything you need in there. From brooms to coats and shoes to your bicycles, you can store anything in there. It is literally a tiny room allotted for storage purposes right under your nose. Of course, you will need to custom-build it, and it may be on the expensive side, but the results are outstanding. 

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Ladder Shelves: Ladder shelves come in handy when you do not have enough space for the big shelves or do not have a staircase. Prop up an antique-looking ladder shelf, and it will do wonders both functionally and aesthetically. You can organize different things on the rungs and even add plants or figurines, making it more visually pleasing. 

Ladder shelves are available on online furniture sites and many physical furniture stores. This narrow feature does not take too much space, making it fit your hallway. 

Bicycle Shelf: There are times of the year when you can't take your bicycle out, and they end up cluttering your hallway.

There is a simple solution. Buying a stylish bicycle stand. Fix the stand to the wall steering clear of the floor space. If you feel artistically adventurous, you can use the bicycle to hang a few wicker baskets and use the backseat as a shelf. 

Wall-Mounted Shoe Stand: Remove conventional shoe stands and get wall-mounted, foldable shoe stands. Don't let your narrow hallway faze you. Store your footwear vertically, making most of the space.

Coat Racks and Key Stands: A traditional but foolproof method to store items in the hallway is to install some basic coat racks. They save space and are not hard to handle either. In addition, since they are portable, you can move them around when you want to redesign your space.

The keyholders, though trivial, are essential for hanging your keys. Apart from hanging your keys, you can use them to dangle various other things like your handbag, scarf, sunglasses, masks, dog leashes, and so on.

Is My Hallway Too Small Or Just Too Cluttered? 

Since the hallway is the first area you notice after returning home after a long day at work, it can be disorienting to find it incredibly cluttered and messy. In addition, a cluttered hallway also makes the space feel smaller. 

However, a well-kept aisle not only improves your mood but also helps you cheer up. 

Removing Unnecessary Things - The first step in decluttering any area is to remove all the unnecessary items. For example, leaving hairbrushes or lipsticks in the hallway stand (because you left in a hurry) is not the best idea. Eliminating these kinds of objects that do not belong there will improve your space by a significant amount. 

Box or Shelf For Keys/Hats/Gloves - Instead of having small objects like house keys, gloves, or masks strewed around in the passageway, finding a small and compact box for these will create a sense of order in your space. A multipurpose box might be even more convenient since you now have a single spot for all small objects. 

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Racks for Coats/Jackets/Shoes - Investing in a solid rack that provides space for shoes, jackets, coats, gloves, and socks is a good idea. Foldable racks or portable racks available online are great storage spaces. They are not only easy to maneuver but also take up minimal space. 

Letter Rack - Are you tired of the piled-up mail collection in your hallway? A simple tray can be your solution. Keeping all your letters and mail in it will help them be more organized. Collect and safely store your letters worth keeping. Discard unwanted ones and keep only the newly arrived, unopened ones in the hallway letter tray. Doing this every day will keep your tray orderly. 

How To Make The Best Of A Small Hallway?

Use of Mirrors - Mirrors are an excellent way to creatively make the hallway seem more prominent than it is. Because they reflect light, they help create an optical illusion and make the space look huge. Get some wall-length mirrors fixed and widen that space. 

Good Lighting - Dark and musty spaces always look dim and smaller than brilliantly lit and tidy areas. If you don't have a window overlooking your hallway, you can always use artificial lighting. And the good thing about artificial lighting is that there are many options. A bright-lit lamp or fixtures on the wall can totally transform your hallway. 

Multipurpose Shelves - When every inch of your hallway counts, multipurpose shelves come to your rescue like none other. Nestle in a rustic-looking wooden cabinet for storing all your absolute essentials - everything you need under the sun when you go out of your home. 

Minimalist Approach: Try adding a floating shelf to the hallway and make room for more walking space.

Place a corner shelf if you own a space-starved passageway. Store only things that are extremely necessary in this space. All the rest is clutter.

What Are Some Ways To Spice Up A Boring Hallway?  

Create an Inviting Space - The hallway is the first area you see when you walk into your house. So naturally, you want the vibe to feel homely and inviting. If your room is spacious, you can choose some cleverly designed furniture. But remember, you should have an ample amount of space to walk around (no crowding!). Adding a small center table and a pretty carpet can feel inviting and warm. 

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Add Greenery - One thing that always spices up any living space is adding a touch of greenery. Small potted plants or a vase of flowers can brighten up and decorate the room graciously. Likewise, adding a hanging pot of creeper or a cactus mounted on the sidewall can add an element of beauty and art to your home decor without any big fuss.

If you don't have green fingers, faux plants are available almost anywhere nowadays (however, try to avoid the plastic ones!).

Color Scheme - A set color scheme can create uniformity in your hallway. It helps create a relaxing feel that the place belongs together. Neutral and earthy shades like peaches and browns will work excellent with good lighting. But of course, it entirely depends on your taste and preference.

Style it with furniture that matches your base color scheme. Small paintings and artwork that match your wall colors can also liven up your aisle.

Symmetry - Creating a symmetric space gives you a sense of order and is appealing. Design your symmetric hallway starting from a focal point. Weave in harmony and rhythm through your wallpaper, furniture, and other embellishments. People are subconsciously tuned to enjoy anything symmetrical. The symmetrical hallway will be soothing and relaxing.

How Do You Build Storage In A Small And Narrow Hallway? 

Make Storage Multipurpose - It is vital to utilize your small space the best you can without stuffing in too many things. A multipurpose shelf helps you do so. It provides impeccable storage that comes in handy while making a busy exit. What's more! You don't need to search for anything as you have ingeniously stored all of them, neatly and compactly, in one place.

Built-In Shelves - When you barely have enough space to move around, it is probably not a good idea to have too many shelves. Planning to build a shelf in the wall is creative and intelligent. This is a terrific way to create new storage space without compromising your existing free space. Admittedly, it is a little more expensive, but it is definitely worth it!

Think Slim - If you can't get shelves built into the walls, you can invest in slim racks that won't occupy too much floor space. Stacking things vertically, like shoes, will help preserve space on these shelves. They also look trendy on display, so that is a win!

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Hooks and Pegs - Hooks and pegs attached to the walls make for excellent storage in narrow or small hallways because they take almost no extra space. These can be used as coat stands, hat stands, or for bag hanging. They are convenient and easy to use too. Browse online to find the one that suits your taste. Or go for custom-designed ones, which are sure to make your space look much prettier. 

Overhead Storage Spaces - Need bigger storage space when you have literally no space? Your answer is right above your head. That's right! Your ceiling space.

You now have some really spacious storage that doesn't interfere with the floor space, neatly tucked away from sight. Pretty cool, uh! 

Rustic Shelves - The use of rustic or vintage shelves can spice up your hallway and give the illusion of a larger space as it feels like part of the narrow area. They add to the aesthetic, and the matching decor can tie it all up nicely. Place your antique collections here to match the effect and complete the vibe!

Hallway Seating - Combining a storage unit with a seating unit is always good. It looks neat and is also practical. This uses closed shelves that are short, mostly up to your knee. Place some throw pillows and a soft rug to make the space comfortable. Say hello to your very own new nook! 

Push Latch Doors/ Sliding Doors - In-built storage is always a good idea and even better when combined with sliding doors. Sliding doors are minimalistic and convenient. Another great type is a push latch door. These work by just pushing it and is best when there is a serious need for space. 

Clearly, there are different techniques to make the best use of your hallway. What matters most is which works best for your house and what appeases you. Consulting a professional can also be helpful as they will give you alternatives out of the box. However, who knows better than you! - it is your house and your space, so have fun designing it. 

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