January 06, 2022 | Samuel Albert

How Do You Organize Utensils in a Small Kitchen?

Believe me, it is too good to have a tiny kitchen. Personally speaking, I have a small kitchen, but it is pretty functional. I don't think that space is a constraint for me as I am the only cook around and rarely have company in the kitchen. Cleaning it is easy, and so is its maintenance. Storage... View Post

December 06, 2021 | Samuel Albert

Reusing Cooking Oil after Deep Fry - Good or Bad

Doughnuts, French fries, hash browns, and so on - each of these stories have a happy ending with smiling faces and full tummies, but the oil sitting in the pots doesn't have one. The golden pot of liquid oil has now turned into a dark one laden with brown and black specks of grit. What a wasted e... View Post


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